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Smart Cities Dive a leading publication operated by Industry Dive. Business journalists spark ideas and shape agendas for 10+ million decision-makers in competitive industries.

The team at Industry Dive delivers news and exclusive insights to decision-makers across the most competitive industries in areas of:

  • Banking Dive
  • BioPharma Dive
  • CFO Dive
  • CIO Dive
  • Construction Dive
  • Cybersecurity Dive
  • Food Dive
  • Grocery Dive
  • Healthcare Dive
  • Higher Ed Dive
  • HR Dive
  • K-12 Dive
  • Marketing Dive
  • MedTech Dive
  • Payments Dive
  • Restaurant Dive
  • Retail Dive
  • Social Media Today
  • Supply Chain Dive
  • Transport Dive
  • Utility Dive
  • Waste Dive

Support your brand in front of smart city leaders.

Smart Cities Dive a digital publication reaching over 191,000 industry decision-makers. Our readers rely on our free newsletters to deliver news and trends shaping their industry. Smart Cities Dive marketing campaigns can help with:

  • Generate leads for your sales team
  • Tell your company’s story via content marketing
  • Position your company as a leader on key industry topics
  • Increase brand recognition through reach and repetition

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Gogul Pichai
About Gogul Pichai

I am Gogul. I care about the alternative forms of energy production, such as wind, solar, and water energy. She supports the areas Smart Grid, including plants, transmission, distribution, efficiency, leaks, and management.


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