Smart Cities’ journey is a long story that begins in a mid-4th millennium BC in Uruk, that’s the first city in recorded history. Uruk was an ancient city in the Sumer generation, later in the Babylonia emporium, and it also was one of the most important cities in ancient Mesopotamia.

The Uruk city was situated in the southern region of Sumer (modern-day Warka, Iraq), to the northeast of the Euphrates river. Since that, people started to centralize and begin the long way of the world-wide urbanization infrastructure.

Smart Cities Development Stages

  1. Modern age of Smart Cities
  2. Historical moments of Smart Cities development
  3. Our short-term innovation trends prediction

Modern Age of Smart Cities

Smart Cities’ modern age describes the last 4 years of key movements in Smart Cities. by worldwide governments. What technology ruled the implementation, what solution was trendy, and what an industrial segment was the louder.

  • 2020

    • Virtualization of government services
    • Re-structure of government administration (online)
    • Focus on integrated transportation systems
    • Electrification of cities transportation
    • Deeper personal digital identity
    • Initial usage of VR equipments for commercial projects

  • 2019

    • Transportation 2.0
    • Appointment-based Traveling Projects
    • Initial 5G networks infrastructure projects
    • Testing of electric buses in a real traffic

  • 2018

    • Connected transportation
    • Focus on citizen’s happiness
    • Electric vehicles for personal use
    • Commercialization of drones
    • Flaying taxi experiments
    • Augmented reality

  • 2017

    • Focus on citizen’s engagement
    • Aims to optimize infrastructure and traffic management systems
    • Improving safety and environment conditions
    • Sensors and cameras make up the IoT nodes of the network
    • Digitally-enabled bikes and car-sharing
    • Focus on the quality of life

Historical Moments of Smart Cities

  • 2016-2011

    • Equitable City, Integrated Energy Research for the future,
    • Transforming healthcare through hospital and clinic digitization and telemedicine
    • India’s Smart Cities mission for 100 cities, Smart Grid, Green Energy,
    • Sustainability of resources, Roads infrastructure, Smart Traffic management.
    • Land Use, Mobility, and Environment. Ever-growing reduction of traditional energy resources, paying particular attention to the improvement of urban mobility and energy saving as well as of those connected with the quality of life of communities, with specific attention to the participation to decision-making processes
    • Accelerating of climate/energy programs. Driven by smart technology and the need to bring about behavioral change

  • 2010-2006

    • Intelligent Buildings, Ubiquitous computing
    • Full digitalization of the population, tax deductions methods of support digital development
    • Ubiquitous computing, local information, Tourist guides, public information, guides for entrepreneurs,
    • Intelligent buildings, Renewable resources, and smart energy management
    • Eco services like smart grids, energy, water, and waste smart management
    • Green buildings, Smart grids

  • 2005-2001

    • Eco services like smart grids – energy, water, waste smart management, green buildings
    • Wireless broadband services, e-Government portal, GIS city information, Intelligent transportation, e-parking, 3D website for virtual tours, public e-Services, e-Future classroom, e-Parking, e-Government services, mobile services, e-Procurement services via the national portal, virtual communities
    • Tele-care services, intelligent transportation, wireless broadband services
    • Residential parking permits, e-government services, elderly care treatment, universal access services
    • GIS services, crowdsourcing, MAN, 3D Virtual city model with crowdsourcing options, broadband services, online guides and training for entrepreneurs

  • 2000-1996

    • e-Government services, mobile services, online city guide, guides for entrepreneurs, Intelligent transportation, open data from the city council, e-Government information and e-Services, GIS maps, Environmental services, tourist guides, intelligent transportation
    • Wired and Wireless Broadband Services, smart Olympic buildings, Media services, e-Education, e-Commerce, Develops business services
    • Broadband and telecommunications services, online city guides, public information
    • Online city guides, information from local enterprises, Advertising spaces, connection with citizen’s personal sites, public information, Energy management, smart building, telepresence conference centers, grid energy solutions, sustainable public spaces, sustainable working,
    • GIS information about the city, city guide, municipal transportation, crowdsourcing, 3D Virtual Tour

  • 1995-1989

    • Regional map service, WLAN hot spots, e-health cards, e-Government services (e-Counter), Online Tourist Guide, e-Booking, Property Database, environmental information and guides for entrepreneurs
    • Wired and Wireless Broadband Services, Public Information, and public service guides, Tourist Guides, Job Opportunities, Self-recycle services, local online news, job opportunities in the city, Marketplace for cars and property
    • Copenhagen Local e-Government services, national e-Government services, city guide, e-Parking services, guides for entrepreneurship

Smart Cities Innovation Short-term Trend

  • 2021 - PREDICTION

    The key focus stay on the intelligent disease prediction models and monitoring. Another key valuated industries cover:

    • Advanced tourism analytics
    • Digital identification quality
    • Digital security extensions
    • Automotive sector transformation

  • 2022 - PREDICTION

    • Artificial Intelligence-based urban movement
    • Global digital identity
    • Adoption of neural networks for advanced analytics
    • Autonomous city transport
    • Deeper integration of citizens
    • Community-based regional politics

  • 2023 - PREDICTION

    • Global digital identity
    • Advanced cities agriculture
    • Green economy regulations
    • Community-based decision making

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