smart cities international event moscow russia may 2021 topOn May 25-26, Moscow will host the International Smart Cities Forum. The goal of the forum is to create a platform for communication and interaction of ICT specialists, representatives of the business community, and cities of the world on the implementation of advanced digital solutions in all areas of urban life.

Technologies in the fight against Covid-19, 5G, big data, digital services, e-government, artificial intelligence, smart grids, food tech – this is an incomplete list of topics of speeches by leading international experts that will be presented at the Forum venues. The Forum is supported by the Department of Information Technologies of the Moscow Government.

The international online forum Smart Cities Moscow is approaching, and we are ready to share with you the details of its business program.

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The central event of the first day of the Forum, May 25, will be the plenary session of the Moscow Smart City Forum, dedicated to the use of digital technologies and data. Above all, they help cities better understand and respond to the needs of their citizens. To make the most of the power of new technologies, standards are needed: they concentrate on best practices from around the world and accelerate digital adoption, increasing return on investment. Topics from other sessions of the day:

  • Smart mobility and smart logistics
  • Smart city protection and safety
  • 5G tomorrow. How Next-Generation Networks Will Change the World
  • Artificial Intelligence-Driven City
  • City of data. Digital trust and e-government
  • Data-Driven Urban Planning

The second day of the forum – May 26 from presentations and discussions on the topics:

  • Smart cities and super services
  • Energy transition as a new reality
  • Cooperation between cities: exchange of experience and technologies
  • Digital creative urban economy, technology serving cultural heritage
  • Green technologies in a smart city
  • Sharing culture. Version 2.0
  • A new round of tourism development
  • Urban Media: Opportunities for Business and Society

How to objectively assess the progress in the development of Smart City? Role and challenges of international rankings and awards

You can learn how technologies are changing urban infrastructure, consumption patterns, and the system of municipal services. Get acquainted with new solutions from Yandex, AliExpress, Dubai Now, WAI, Bloomberg, Rostec.

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