Smart Cities Solutions

atos smart city
Atos Smart City
Atos Smart Cities incorporates Information and Communication Technology (ICT) into the city's fabric for better citizens' experience.
SE Schneider electrics smart city developer solution sq
SE Smart City
Buildings are a core component of Schneider Electrics smart city. From dining, shopping, and sleeping to learning, working and recovering.
SAP smart city developer solution sq
SAP Smart City
SAP Smart City concept says that government and the companies that serve the city’s citizens must undergo their own changes
samsung smart city developer solution sq
Samsung Smart City
Samsung C&T's Smart City will employ eco-friendly technologies to reduce energy loss and achieve energy independence.
IDC smart city solution
IDC Smart City
Smart City business issues are driving investment in emerging technologies such as analytics, artificial intelligence, the IoT,...
oracle smart cities solution
ORACLE Smart City
This requires a deeper, broader approach to technology—one that fuels innovation and provides scalability to address future demands.
Amazon AWS smart city solution
AMAZON Smart City
Cities of the Future powered by the Cloud Cities in the cloud have to benefit all. Get the technology and
HP smart city solution
HP Smart City
Cities want better insights on what causes their biggest societal problems. Enter predictive analytics.
DELL smart city solution
DELL Smart City
Discover how we’re delivering game-changing transformation for your citizens in tomorrow’s Digital Future.
IBM smart city solution
IBM Smart City
IBM's Smart Cities management key functions: city services, citizens, business, transport, communication, water, and energy.
Huawei smart city solution
HUAWEI Smart City
A Smart City senses, processes, and delivers informed decisions that improve the environment for citizens.
bosch smart cities solution
BOSCH Smart City
Air quality, energy efficiency, public security, and mobility are the four biggest challenges presented by this trend.
Intel smart city solution
INTEL Smart City
Intel® Vision Products provide AI solutions across a diverse set of products enabling cities to become smarter, safer, and more
McKinsey smart city solution
McKinsey Smart City
Sensor data and high-tech command centers promised a revolutionary new way to manage complex operations and automate infrastructure systems.
Microsoft smart city solution
Microsoft Smart City
Explore how AI is accelerating business transformation and helping to solve society’s greatest challenges from environmental sustainability.
CISCO smart city solution
CISCO Smart City
Cisco Meraki enables state and local governments to implement smart initiatives that positively impact communities’ quality of life.
ATnT smart city solution
AT&T Smart City
Smart City projects can increase citizen satisfaction and economic development, as well as improve safety and sustainability.
ABB smart city solution
ABB Smart City
Continuously evolving ecosystem, empowering individuals to live, work and move in a safer, smarter, and more sustainable way.
Qualcomm smart city solution
Qualcomm Smart City
Qualcomm Technologies’ smart city solutions enable intelligent network connectivity and edge processing solutions in cities across the globe.
KPMG smart city solution
KPMG Smart City
Interactive smart cities where technology and physical space come together to improve the quality of life for residents, boost economy.
Hitachi smart city solution
HITACHI Smart City
With data-driven approaches, governments around the world improve efficiency and provide better services, health, and safety.
Accenture smart city solution
Accenture Smart City
The full realization of the economic growth and cost savings from leveraging Smart City solutions built on 5G infrastructure.
Siemens smart city solution
Siemens Smart City
Siemen's vision of dimensions of smart city development, the atlas of digitalization, and fueling cities’ economic growth.

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