The essential conference for the digitized smart city, redefining services through enhanced connectivity, mobility, and resilient infrastructure.

What’s happening at Smart Cities Summit?

Through city-to-city learning, Smart Cities Summit offers the opportunity to engage directly with leading case studies from across the Smart City ecosystem. This year case studies will deep dive into topics imperative for cities such as connectivity, digital equity, and cybersecurity.

With topics around personal privacy, safety/security for citizens, and whether a set of standards could work across local authorities, join the workshop to explore and ask any burning questions you have around the future of data within the smart city.

With shared keynotes and exhibition, you can expect enriched content, bigger speakers and more opportunity to deep dive into the role of emerging technology across different verticals within the smart city ecosystem

Meaningful networking

Engage in networking opportunities such as roundtables, one-to-one meetings, and briefings, and ensure that practical solutions are realized through collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Analyst Breakfast Briefings

An exclusive meeting place for smart city leaders. All participants will be encouraged to share their recent endeavors and ask their peers for recommendations or provide recommendations to them.

Networking Happy Hour

Exclusive networking happy hour at the end of day one for attendees of the conference to celebrate industry advancements.

Why attend the Smart Cities Summit?

Smart Cities Summit is the go-to event for the government and technology decision-makers mapping America’s future smart cities.

The growing need for sustainable, liveable futures is becoming increasingly apparent across the public and private sectors. Opportunities to gain insight, explore challenges, and engage in collaboration is imperative to ensure that cities are driving meaningful, measurable change for their citizens and are not being left behind.

Through two days of dedicated content, networking, and break-out sessions, Smart Cities Summit will unite the entire ecosystem to help foster investment that will transform infrastructure and focus on designing resilient cities for all.

Whether you work in the public or private sector, the event will help you find ways to positively utilize emerging technology and create the future of smart cities.


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