The only Trade Exhibition in Smart City with support from Ministries, Cities’ Leaders, professional organizations
Government Highest priority: Building Smart City in every city/province in Vietnam.

November 25-27, 2021
Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center | SECC. HCMC

The Smart City Asia 2021 is expected to gather 400 companies participating from local and international enterprises in a wide range of industries, plus representatives from 50+ cities and 10+ countries.

Mostly targeted visitors decision-makers, making this the perfect platform for collecting qualified leads and forming new collaborations. 70% of Government Leaders will participate and join hands to contribute to Smart City Asia success

Implementation of a smart urban construction project in early 2020 (Decision 950): Statistics of the Ministry of Construction on the development of smart cities in localities show that 38/63 provinces and cities directly under the central government have been or are implementing urban development projects. Smart city, Including schemes and plans to be issued for the whole province and schemes and plans to be issued for a provincial town.

In which, 15/38 provinces and cities directly under the Central Government have approved the smart urban development project before the promulgation of Project 950; 8/38 provinces and cities directly under the Central Government have approved the project after it is issued Project 950; 15/38 provinces and centrally-run cities are implementing the project formulation.


By 2020, the focus will be on developing the core infrastructure and smart applications, while the second phase from 2020 to 2025 will focus on making the solutions operational. Hanoi aims to be a smart city by 2030 and to do so it has decided to focus on four major sectors, healthcare, education, transport, and tourism.

Da Nang

Under a master plan submitted by the city administration to the Ministry of Construction for appraisal, the city will have total urban construction land of 32,227 hectares for 1.56 million residents by 2030, in which 9.6 square meters per person will be reserved for planting trees.

Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is preparing to build an innovative, interactive urban area in the east of the city (merging 3 districts including districts 2,9 and Thu Duc) The Eastern City will have a natural area of 211.5 km2 and a population of more than 1.1 million people. It is expected to contribute 30% of the GDP of Ho Chi Minh City, which is equal to 4% -5% of the country’s GDP.

Binh Duong Becamex

Binh Duong Commercial City project is also strongly implementing the model of close cooperation between the State – Entrepreneurs – Schools and research institutes. Supporting, promoting, and connecting the system of manufacturing laboratories (Fablab) in stable operation. Supporting the development of a startup ecosystem at the Center for Community Initiatives and Start-up Support

E-government as the main focus

A report published by the United Nations in January shows that in the past 5 years, Vietnam’s e-government development index has jumped 11 ranks, making Vietnam among the top countries with high levels of e-government development.

According to Mai Tien Dung, Minister and Chairman of the Office of the Government, the Government is very aggressive in setting itself as an exemplar of executing digital transformation to create the best foundations and environment for enterprises to follow.

The National Committee for E-Government has been established with the aim of creating the best infrastructure to promptly serve the needs of the citizens and enterprises.

In March this year, the Government Office launched the National e-Document Exchange Platform, a move towards building a foundation for the integration and sharing of national digital data. Ministries and local agencies are working on the completion of the national databases on population, business registration, national land, electronic household registration, and specialized data. These databases will be connected with the Platform during the 2020-2025 period with a focus on strengthening cybersecurity.

Smart living and Buildings as the foundation of Smart City

Following the fast-growing demand among young Vietnamese, smart townships in Vietnam become more popular. Indeed, property developers are incorporating technologies in their projects to build a smart living environment for the citizens of Vietnam. Property developer Sunshine Group is considered a pioneer in this revolution as it has built a series of smart homes and smart living ecosystems by applying integrated smart technology into its products. The company offers technology-based solutions that feature through Sunshine Cab App including Smart Home App and Sunshine Mart that offers cashless payment through Sunshine Online service for their residents.

Vingroup – the biggest private conglomerate in Vietnam – upgraded their 280-ha project into a dynamic smart township named Vinhomes Smarty City in the West of Hanoi in early April this year. Vinhomes Smart City will be operated intelligently a 24/7 operations center using AI and IoT to monitor the area. It will also incorporate an intelligent elevator system, intelligent fire protection, air quality monitoring, and environmental pollution warnings.

Smart City Asia 2021

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