The smart city concept is the brainchild of leading IT companies working hard to use the finest in advanced computer technologies in combination with the citizens and government to produce the finest in city-dwelling and urban development. Genius-orientated technology companies provide this bright future for the cities through the application of many compound systems integrated into the operation of urban infrastructure and services needed by cities on a daily basis.

The big building blocks of the smart city concept are wireless sensor networks,  smart metering,  open platforms, high-speed broadband, and cloud computing.  Top information technology companies (IT) enable the smart city concept to rise,  sustain,  and excel.

This helps all by making everyday living easier and spotlessly organized while providing the ultimate in convenience in the smartest and most secure way ever known to man.  This is all possible because of our advanced computer technology capabilities.  There are two major keys to be joined together when forming a smart city concept.   The first is “Information and Communication Technology” (ICT),  and the second is called the  “Internet of Things”.

The Smart City Concept,  More Than a Trend

The “Internet of Things” (also known as IoT)  is a popular conversation topic amongst IT companies and investors due to the mega impact it has created in our sustainability and solutions.  It impacts not only our daily lifestyle but also how we work. The smart city concept keeps growing every day and new innovations and continually advancing technology have made it a way of life.

The “Internet of Things” covers the technology of inter-networking physical devices and items.  These physical items and devices are also known as  “Smart Devices”  or  “Connected Devices”.  They can be cars,  buildings, and many other things that are embedded with network connectivity via software,  sensors,  electronics, and other conduits. Your phone is one.  The “Internet of Things” is wonderful in the fact that it allows us to control, access, and exchange data by remote control and other devices for sensory input and exchange.  Some say anything with an Off/On switch or sensor can be connected to the internet. This creates endless opportunities and realities for the direct integration and merging of our physical world into computer-based systems.

Along with the opportunities come challenges.  Security is a concern many voices.  With all connected is it possible to hack the simplest of devices and gain access to an entire network?  Leading IT companies are hot on the track to ensure safety in storing, tracking, and analyzing the vast amount of data generated by the mass number of connected physical devices.  Information technology companies are the backbone of the smart city concept.

How Does ICT Integrate With the Smart City Concept?

By integrating Information and Communications Technology with the  “Internet of Things”   it performs the perfect outcome in which to operate and implement the smart city concept.  By the marriage of these two, we have the perfect setting to meet the needs and manage a city’s assets in a secure and easily accessible mode.  These assets could cover a wide array including,  but not limited to, transportation systems,  hospitals,  healthcare,  water supply networks,  and much more.

The efficiency of services and commodities offered to the smart community soars in an efficient and secure manner by using urban informatics and technology in all departments.  Information and Communication Technology enables and opens the door for the direct interaction and involvement of the community and the city infrastructure by being able to monitor and keep tabs with real-time monitoring systems.  This would let us know what is going on in the city  (the internal workings),  how the city is growing and how to ensure the optimum life quality for the dwellers.

The Smart City Concept is Solving Problems World Wide

Common problems facing cities worldwide are becoming a thing of the past with the smart city concept.  As more and more of the Earth’s population leave the rural areas and build a life in urban dwellings,  they begin to yield economic power.  This gives them the opportunity and means to work together as a collective enabling the reality of advanced technological capabilities.  No longer is there a threat of dwindling sustainability.  Smart cities are secure and growing cities.  Digital devices give us a mountain of data compiling around the clock through the internet devices.  This information and knowledge with computational power cuts costs and helps eliminate waste.  The efficiency and productivity of the smart city concept provide excellent and comfortable quality of life right down to the surroundings and the environment which plays a big role in our sustainability.

Whole new industries are arising.  IT companies are providing the solutions we need to combat the problems facing cities all over the world.  Cities will be racing against each other being proud of their accomplishments and feats as they become the elite.  The smart city concept will provide overall sustainability in all areas of life for urban dwellers.  This includes economic, social, and environmental sustainability.



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