smart cities international event barcelona, spain, november 2021 topSmart City Expo World Congress comes back to Barcelona in November to celebrate a powerful hybrid edition from 16-18 November 2021

A new Hybrid Experience

The lessons learned from last year will contribute to creating an enhanced hybrid, cross-platform experience: a combined physical event of Smart City Expo World Congress and Smart Mobility Congress, with the digital platform of Smart City Live offering endless opportunities.

A rich conversation & an extensive community

Our wide ecosystem features a large number of city and mobility players with a critical influence in the post-pandemic economic recovery.

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A hybrid, cross-platform experience

A multifaceted vision, within which physical and digital spaces enhance each other, allowing us to reach a wider audience while giving everybody the opportunity to experience the event in full.

Barcelona, a central hub with global influence

Barcelona remains the event’s nerve center, with digital meetups connecting the city to other key locations around the world.

A great effort in security and prevention

We are taking all necessary sanitary measures to protect the health and safety of our visitors and participants as they enjoy the event.

Sustainability & Inclusivity at the core of the event

With our Towards Zero Waste and Towards Inclusivity initiatives, we strive to be the most sustainable event possible, with everyone’s voice being heard.


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I am Craig - space and data-driven science guru. I am In charge of technology research and development. He is in charge of inventions in areas of Smart Cities, from historical to the modern development that covers technical, chemical, medical, philosophy research. I am also a big fan of experimental physics, quantum mechanics, and searching the truth in conspiracy theories.


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