Smart Industry Expo Forum – Digital Technologies and Solutions

The brightest industrial event of the year

Best world practices of industrial digitalization for the post-soviet countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Eastern Partnership.

1. Smartification of the real economic sector

2. Digitalisation of manufactures and implementation of the best practices

3. Develop a partnership between providers of digital solutions and products and their potential consumers

Starting by the opening ceremony of the Forum “SMART INDUSTRY EXPO” – International summit “Digital Economy. International Experience” open presentation and discussion about:

1. Digital economy development as a priority for Belarus innovation development

2. Digital industry development on the basis of digital twins

3. The Transition of Economy from Analogue to Digital in the 21st Century by the Case of the Republic of Korea

4. Ukraine experience in Industry 4.0 strategy development & Implementation

5. The role of state support institutions in the development of cross-border trade for the SME sector

6. How to start digitalization process in producing companies and Industrial Practice Industrie 4.0

7. The emergence of Israel as a leading global hub of Industry 4.0 innovation

8. Overview of Institutional Support for the Digital Transformation of Industrial Enterprises in the USA. Best Practices for the Promotion of Digital Technologies in Industrial corporations

9. Smart Zone “Drivers of Smart Industry in EAEU & Eastern partnership countries”

10. Collaborative robots integration experience with digital engineering

11. the future of 4G LTE networks in IIoT & automation

12. Ensuring information security of critically important objects of informatization

13. International Ecosystems & Infrastructure for Smart Industry development”

14. Innovative infrastructure. How RWTH Aachen University became a think tank center of digitalization

15. IIoT innovation service platform for industrial clusters of SMEs

16. DIHNET project – enhancing of the European digital innovation hubs (DIN) community

17. Ecosystem development and models of innovation between multinationals and startup companies

18. Technology entrepreneurship support ecosystem – Igrow Gravity Centers

19. Infrastructure for the development of SMART-industry in the industrial park “Great Stone”

20. Centre of robotics and mechatronics components technologies as an ecosystem for creating innovative robotics solutions

21. Unmanned aerial vehicles remote sensing technology and its industrial application

22. Where your digital transformation begins

23. Microsoft technologies for the digital transformation of manufacturing companies

24. Edge computing as a technology for the digital transformation of industry

25. inSen – intelligent sensor technology. The key technology of Industry 4.0

26. Usage of digital twins for business processes transformation at manufacturing enterprises

27. Employees request for existing competencies & skills. Overview of professions of the future for advanced instrument manufacturing enterprises

28. Structure, rationale, and the benefits of ECF (e-competence framework) for academia education sector and industry

29. Staffing of digital economy: look into the future

30. Role of EU competence frameworks in competence development for Smart Industry

31. Training of highly qualified personnel in robotics for the new economy: integration of project and educational activities

32. Preparation of future workforce for the digital economy at BNTU

33. The project of the Association “Education for Future” to create a network of STE(A)M centers in Belarus and trends in the development of school STEM education

Conference “Professions of the Future”

Human resources and qualification of the EEU and Eastern partnership countries for Smart Industry

– Employers expectations

– Review of employees market

– Future specialists training( specialization, career guidance, accelerated education, university programs, qualification/requalification).






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