The great event that drives the reconversion and socioeconomic reactivation of Latin America!


Public health · Universal access · Vaccination · Health science · Health in informal settlements · Health technology · Community health · Post-pandemic scenarios · Digital and operational transformation of hospitals · Use of mobile data · Telemedicine · Health emergency management · Prevention and primary care · Health infrastructure · Digital health.

Digital transformation

Innovative ecosystem · Technology innovation · Talent and knowledge · Entrepreneurship – Rural development · Innovative tourism producers · Collaborative economy · Startups · Technology and innovation parks – Digital economy · Data · Govtech · AI, Big data and pandemics – Blockchain and supply chain · Global manufacturing · Connectivity · Fintech

Mobility of Tomorrow

Development oriented to public transport · Quality of urban space · Electric mobility · Public transport · Accessibility and mobility · Mass public transport · Cyclist mobility · Pedestrian mobility · Land use planning · Metropolitan management · Urban design

Climate Change

Sustainable urban planning · Infrastructure financing · Energy efficiency · Renewable energies · Public spaces · Environmental quality · Smart buildings · Sustainable tourism · Climate change · Climate resilience · Energy transition · Circular economy · Sustainability agenda · Energy communities · Cooperatives ·

Education and Culture

Education · EduTech · Historical heritage · Historical centers · Sustainable tourism · Natural and archaeological areas · Digital culture · Leisure and entertainment · Smart tourist destinations · Lifelong learning

Social innovation

Citizen participation · Community development · Digital inclusion · Health · Transparency · Bottom-up initiatives · Social innovation · Gender equality · Open Government · WeGov · Informal economy and informal settlements · Migration and border controls · Civic technologies · Government-citizen interaction · Collective intelligence






Material nature have an energetic basis
All manifestations of material nature have an energetic basis. The energy field is primary, all other physical manifestations are secondary.
From where coming our thoughts?
It is very probable that we do not understand our thoughts, because they can mean something completely different from the level of a higher..
Resolve everything the occupy your mind
Get rid of everything you remember every day.Do not surround yourself with a collection of not resolved things. Resolve all things that...

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