The vision of the City of Kigali

Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda, roughly in the center of the country. It sprawls across numerous hills, ridges, and valleys, and has a vibrant restaurant and nightlife scene. The Kigali Genocide Memorial documents the 1994 mass killings in Rwanda, associated with the country’s civil war. The city’s Caplaki Crafts Village has stalls selling traditional handicrafts, including woodcarvings and woven baskets.

Kigali calls itself the Centre of Urban Excellence in Africa” which will be achieved through Social Inclusion, Sustainable Development, and Economic Growth.

The City of Kigali has declared Smart City mission execution

  • Supervise the implementation of national policies in the Districts of the City of Kigali
  • Prepare the master plan of the City of Kigali and specific master plans, to ensure their execution through large-scale projects implemented at the level of the City of Kigali, and follow up on the execution of specific master plans of the Districts
  • Prepare the development plan of the City of Kigali
  • Provide guideline and coordinate the planning activities of the Districts of the City of Kigali
  • Monitor activities and the functioning of the Districts of the City of Kigali and the government institutions operating at its level and provide services that are not delivered by other administrative entities in the City of Kigali
  • Ensure the safety of the people and property in the City of Kigali
  • Promote infrastructure in the City of Kigali and provide guidelines on their implementation
  • Provide a guideline on the infrastructure inspections that are carried out by other administrative entities of the City of Kigali and carry out inspections of large-scale projects that are put in place at its level
  • Develop and implement the plan for transportation of the people and goods in the City of Kigali
  • Mobilize resources and put in place strategies for collection of taxes and charges in accordance with relevant laws
  • Support the Districts of the City of Kigali in terms of economic development
  • Promote and follow up investment activities in the City of Kigali

Smart City Kigali, Rwanda

1.244 Smart Points

Goals of the City of Kigali

  • City of diverse, vibrant, and inclusive economy
  • A City of sustainable infrastructure and resource management
  • A City of affordable homes and neighborhoods
  • A City of enchanting nature and diversity
  • A City of happy and healthy residents
  • A City of endearing character and local identity

The City of Kigali is open and supports working with all spheres of our population. We value the contribution and role of the private sector in development. We fully cooperate with civil society and consider its role as paramount in transforming our society.

Construction and Urban Planning One Stop Centre

The Kigali construction and urban planning One Stop Centre is also tasked with the role of implementing the Kigali Master Plan which is expected to assist the City in creating:

  1. A livable environment that supports the sustainable growth of the city while embracing the three E’s Ecology, Equity, and Economy.
  2. A livable community that supports a sense of belonging, cooperation, and healing, and optimism;
  3. Guaranteed guidance and monitoring of the management and use of land.
  4. Ensured security of residents by setting development standards that must be abided by.
  5. A model of environmental protection and preservation that minimizes pollution and waste disposal;
  6. A foundation for economic vitality for all its citizens;

It takes only 4 steps to acquire a construction permit

In order to enhance service delivery, the City of Kigali has put in place an online platform for construction permit applications. Applications for construction permit can be uploaded in The web-based system caters to the full construction permits process cycle: from submission to delivery. The system supports the entire process of client relations, assessment, and construction administration, and other related permits (occupation, renovation, change of use, transformation, and permit to construct a fence) issued by City of Kigali and District one-stop Centers. The Kigali master plan can also be viewed online to easy accessibility.It can be visited on

Infrastructure Development

The Infrastructure department takes one of the lead roles of planning and developing infrastructure in Kigali. It is responsible for overseeing the construction of roads, providing street lights at night for safety, keeping the roads safe with aggressive road improvement projects, and handling solid & liquid waste issues.

The department works with various ministries, Utility companies, and districts in the City of Kigali and has over 732 km of roads that make up the backbone of the infrastructure for this capital city of over 1.2 million residents. The department has very diverse responsibilities divided into the following main areas within the city; Roads & Drainage, Energy & Lighting, Water & Sanitation, Traffic Management, and Public Transport.

Economic Development

In economic development, the City of Kigali has mainly the responsibility of investment promotion and enhancing economic growth and welfare of the population. The City of Kigali is charged with the task of enhancing doing business through the facilitation of investors and developing mechanisms to support the business community. The City of Kigali together with the Private Sector Federation has put in place Kigali Investors Forum. This forum is an avenue for dialogue between the City of Kigali and the business community. As a means of promoting investment and facilitating business, the City of Kigali has developed a clients’ charter which indicates the periods that services in land documentation and construction permit issuance. This has helped provide better and faster services to investors.

The City of Kigali is also charged with enhancing economic growth and improved population welfare. This is executed through the implementation of national economic development programs like the; Integrated Development Program (IDP) and Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy (EDPRS). The City of Kigali also supports the population in the drive to improve the saving culture of the population.

The city leadership is overseeing the enhancement of the structure of saving schemes like SACCOs in all the sectors of the City of Kigali, Capital Market, and other financial institutions. The City of Kigali also introduced the Gira Ubucuruzi initiative that provided financial facilities for small businesses.

Social Affairs

The Social Development Unit of the City of Kigali has a responsibility to follow up and coordinate the implementation of social programs in urban Districts and to ensure their implementation plans are aligned with the National Policies; to coordinate the implementation of policies, programs, plans and activities related to social protection, gender, and family promotion, sports and culture promotion, youth empowerment and education; to coordinate programs and strategies of support and social assistance to vulnerable groups in the city: a person with a disability, street people (youth, children,…), prostitutes, elders, etc.; and to organize meetings with stakeholders in the implementation of social protection programs.

The Unit is working closely with the youth in encouraging them to form associations and cooperatives, and the youth associations, cooperatives, and companies have equally supported the city in their initiative of cleaning and beautifying the city. Youth associations sign performance contracts with Kigali City aiming at cleaning streets and maintaining gardens in the city.

Gender and family promotion

Provide support to the National Women Council in achieving its goals; provide advisory services/ coaching to women empowerment activities, and coordinate all activities related to women empowerment and child rights promotion.

Urban sociologist attribution

As urban sociology focuses on human interactions in the urban areas and seeks to study the structures, processes, changes, and problems of an urban area, it aims at studying cities and their role in the development of society. Among others, the urban sociologist analyzes the sociological impact of the different social programs and projects to be implemented in the City of Kigali and advises on adequate interventions to adopt with regard to social protection, rehabilitation, inclusion, and social development of vulnerable groups.


The City of Kigali strives to promote the quality of education through regular inspection of schools, the organization of yearly peer evaluation and awarding of best performers, and the organization of reading, writing and debate competitions for primary and secondary schools students where the best students are awarded E-Books, certificates, and reading books. These students’ competitions serve as a motivation to stimulate the culture of reading among young students.

Good Governance And Territorial Administration

The City of Kigali is in charge of coordinating the governance in the three districts of Gasabo, Nyarugenge, and Kicukiro which are made up of 35 sectors and 161 Cells. The City of Kigali also coordinates the territorial administration of these three districts.

The City leadership is also mandated to monitor and coordinate the process of addressing disputes and queries from the citizens to local leaders from the lowest administrative level of Umudugudu to the City of Kigali.

The City of Kigali is mandated to oversee the implementation of national policies and programs. These range from economic, social welfare, education, health, security, and others.

The City of Kigali is charged with supporting the youth and women in development. The city leadership has worked closely with the youth and women in encouraging them to form associations and cooperatives. The youth and women associations have equally supported the city in their initiative of cleaning the city.

Public Health And Environment

In order to have a healthy and clean city, mechanisms have been put in place to make the City of Kigali truly a clean, green and secure place to live in and visit. The City of Kigali integrates the functions of healthy people in a healthy city. It has functions that include Public sanitation and waste management, greening and beautification, Environment inspection, Public and Community Hygiene, and primary health care.



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