Located in the southern Indian state of Kerala, SmartCity Kochi is just a few kilometers from Cochin International Air Port and the central business district of Kochi. The promoters entered into a framework agreement in May 2007 to set up an information technology-based Township.

Smart City Kochi

Kochi is a major port city on the west coast of India by the Arabian Sea and is part of the district of Ernakulam of the southern state of Kerala. Kochi, also known as the state’s commercial capital, is a cosmopolitan city with the largest urban agglomeration in Kerala. Kochi city is also a part of the Greater Cochin region and is classified as a B-1 grade city by the Government of India, making it the highest graded city in the state.

With a population of 2.12 million people, Kochi is well equipped with social infrastructure coupled with road, metro rail (the first tier 2 city in India operating a Metro railway system), and water transport systems. As a result, Kochi offers the right decision drivers to set up and cost-effectively operate businesses.

Kochi Workforce

  • The high density of available science and technology personnel in India
  • The lowest employee attrition rate in the country – <5%
  • Highly graded universities and science, engineering, and technology institutions produce a significant number of employable graduates to be absorbed in the IT sector.
  • Kochi’s Connectivity
  • Dedicated and highly motivated workforce with customer-centric culture to address global business needs.

Kochi Economic Drivers

  • Attractive wage cost – Lowest among the Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in India
  • Operating costs are less than 50% when compared to major cities
  • Rentals lower by more than 60% in comparison to other cities
  • Power and water tariff are among the lowest in the country
  • Gross State Domestic Product of USD 96 billion
  • Per Capita Income of USD 2800.

Kochi’s connectivity

  • Kochi is one of two Indian cities where the ‘SEA-ME-WE-3’ and ‘SAFE’ submarine cable land, making the city the primary internet gateway to India.
  • 100% of 988 telephone exchanges are digital
  • Highest telephone density – 7 per 100 – India’s 2005 target
  • 4th largest Airport in India in the number of passengers with direct flights to all continents.
  • A port city where air, rail, and sea travel lines converge – “a connectivity node.”

Kochi hosts India’s only private sector International airport, Shipyard, Hindustan Machine Tools (HMT), several medium and small-sized industrial units, and power plants at Bramhapuram and Edayar.

Smart City Kochi 2

SmartCity Kochi Township envisions world-class infrastructure for knowledge-based businesses alongside developments comprising of residential, schools, higher education, sports, retail, and hospitality that brings together all the essential elements of daily life.

With a combined investment to the tune of US$ 420 Million by 2021, Smart City Kochi will offer approximately 6 million Square Feet of Built-Up commercial office spaces within a notified Special Economic Zone and thus complementing Kerala’s robust IT eco-system which is seeing sustained growth.

We are dedicated to the success of our business partners and Kerala’s vision of a thriving knowledge economy. Together, we identify and deliver value and opportunities.

Smart City Kochi is an integrated business township promoted by Dubai Holding, a Global Investment Management Company based in the United Arab Emirates, and the Government of Kerala. Creating a network of opportunities, Smart City Kochi will be home to knowledge-based businesses that aim to serve their global clientele from the Indian Subcontinent.

Smart City Kochi will adhere to international sustainability standards that protect the environment and provide its inhabitants with comfortable, healthy, and productive spaces for work and leisure.

The master plan covers the renovation of infrastructure, education, hotels, residential and retail, and city business and infrastructure staff.

The master plan is a part of the Smart City Mission agreed by the Government of India – Ministry of Housing and Urban affairs.







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