With new innovations, inventions, and growing needs within the field of technology and IoT, getting in touch with advanced technology has become the need of every individual nowadays. Smart education has become an essential need for everyone with its conveniences and quick-to-adopt modes. It has influenced the world with its smartness and has gathered the attention of people by interlinking various fields and disciplines of knowledge by means of communication for educational purposes.

With passing time different inventions in technologies are taking place that is helping students to acquire education with ease and comfort. In this modern era, educational apps have helped students to connect with teachers online through these educational apps.

Smart education is an advanced form of modern education. It actually refers to making pedagogy education which is merely a conventional theoretical concept into contemporary methods using information and communication technologies. It is to make students integral to information and communication technologies.

The Internet has deeply rooted itself in building institutions. A number of developments have taken place in IT. E-learning has become of essential importance in today’s world with its infinite contributions to the ease of its consumption. Both teachers and students can benefit from these techno-driven inventions. A number of apps are offering a number of subjects for studying online.

Before the advent of technology, the teaching ways were conventional and orthodox. Knowledge parted by a teacher was purely manual and a lot of hard work was required to convey even well-researched thoughts and ideas. But after the online connective trends, hard work has been converted to smart work and really the term gives us about it, without putting a lot of effort into work having accuracy and convenience in work. For teachers, it is immensely vital to befriend technology to fulfill the demands of the present era. In fact, modern time is encouraging them to initiate great ideas by using technology in the classroom.

Teachers are able to ready their ‘Smart lesson plans’ easily and with accuracy instead of laying out old-fashioned development of ‘monthly planner’ which were handwritten and completely manual.

By using the immense variety of educational gadgets; teachers make use of tablets, smartphones, and laptops to generate lessons for the smartboard. Nowadays very few people are there who are not connected to technology.

A well-researched analysis shows that 69% of students want to use their smartphone in the classroom, not for the purpose of recreation but to delve deeper into a particular matter regarding under discussion topic and to give better input by using various means and platforms of technology. It is easy for them not to jot down everything on paper but to record the lecture on their smartphones and may listen to them again whenever required.

Due to the above-mentioned factors, teachers can give limited and students can get limited. But even technology has its own flaws. The biggest of them all for a student can be a distraction, but if everything is put up nicely and for only the educational purpose as the technology itself speaks everywhere then things are really productive, and the worth of knowledge remains intact. And students can be helped in their upbringing by their teachers.

Some actual problems

If the government and other higher communities take action taking this as a real sensitive issue and work on it accordingly then one can be really assured that things can really change, because if you look at West or particularly America I would say ‘Nearly 100% of all U.S public schools have internet access and one can really see the progress with the fun they put in picture.

Every era has its demands and in this era there is only one demand that is of technology, and when you certainly will not fulfill demands in anything there certainly would be no progress and eradication of frustration.

Criticism & Controversies

Where there are good and convenient things about technology in this fast-growing world, the other side of the image is that majority of schools and other higher institutions are deprived of advanced technology.

Unfortunately, they still have to go after manual orthodox methods of studying and acquiring education, which is quite unwanted and discouraging. The best thing about smart education is its infinity and unlimited power, whereas students and teachers not acquiring such facilities can really mess up because of the utmost pressure and fatigue they get on their shoulders, and with that nothing remains interesting and a thing done by heart.

Nothing remains unheard when it has a demand, a strong one. If teachers and students put up a collaborative effortfully heartedly with the only demand of techno, the demand surrounding them, they can make a difference because demand is a need and if the need is really strong it can be fulfilled because technology is as George Couros said ‘Technology will never replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of great teachers is transformational.




Raise the question rather than to make assumption
Often we create the assumption that our relatives know what we are thinking and that we don't need to say what we actually want.
The most important area of the consciousness
Hypothalamus takes care of primary and secondary areas of decision. Hypophysis takes care of the connection with the information field.
Root of everything should be simple
Everything and every problem have a simple solution.You just have to believe in it and see it from the proper side. By the subconscious way.



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