The vehicle environment through the center’s electric vehicle test area


To improve the city’s transportation mobility


The city, along with Phillips subsidiary NXP Semiconductors, is going to deploy a test-connected environment for smart electric vehicles, where drivers will be able to test smart transportation infrastructure technologies infrastructure.
At the moment, the city’s key transportation mobility technologies are:
– NXP RoadLINK V2X allows cars to communicate with each other as well as with intelligent traffic infrastructure;
– Smart Card, which improves transportation accessibility for all citizens by supporting secure and convenient contactless payment systems;
– Highly secure radio frequency identification solutions, an application that includes car window stickers that increase driver convenience and reduce municipal personnel costs, such as eliminating the need for stops in front of toll zones and parking meters.


State: improved transportation situation in the region
Citizens: improved safety and quality of life

City wins a grant from the Department of the Nation


sourcesmart electric vehicles



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