Smart logistics enables a logistics company to ensure that traffic routes remain open through the utilization of intelligent infrastructures and thus enhance the faster movement of goods. This is because an organization can optimize all its logistics activities from end to end, ranging from unloading to transferring products to their respective destinations. As unprecedented change continues to face logistic companies, digitization has taken the center stage to ensure that the management meets the evolving customer expectations. Furthermore, smart technologies have enabled logistics and mobility companies to achieve greater efficiency through the use of better collaborative operation models. Studies have also revealed that smart logistic systems have played an influential role in enabling new start-ups and entrants into the market to be more efficient when it comes to fulfilling the demands of customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

Globalization of Supply Chain

There has been a significant change in the context of smart transportation, particularly with the globalization of supply chains, a huge increase in the cost of fuel, and a greater emphasis on the conservation of the environment. This implies that smart logistics and transportation systems impact the capacity of a company to adopt efficient business practices that reduce the cost of operations. Studies have revealed that transportation impacts significantly on the total lead times, operational costs, and environmental effects, thus putting pressure on companies to adopt more efficient solutions.  Smart logistics are associated with modern tools that improve the efficiency of an organization especially when it comes to the utilization of information and communication systems in their transportation networks. Furthermore, smart technologies lead to better planning, control, monitoring, and management of transportation activities. Therefore, smart technologies that are invested in logistics and transportation systems lead to reliable capturing of reliable data, as well as processing, storage, and communication systems.

Utilization of Smart Transportation Systems

Logistics companies that use smart technologies can be equated to transport companies that utilize smart transportation systems to move goods from one place to another. Currently, most companies have been placed under intensive pressure to adopt new approaches and strategies in their operating systems. This has been done either directly or indirectly by regulatory agencies such as the government, or by third parties such as consumers, transport buyers, and providers of logistics services. A small transportation company may lack enough capital to invest in smart technology and this implies it is unable to utilize modern technology to lower its operational costs. However, the application of technical competence plays a huge role in enabling an organization to move towards cost reduction especially when it comes to the reduction of overlapping activities. Smart transportation systems thus enable a company to depart from truck levels to the adoption of technology that improves the entire transportation operations.

Increased Efficiency in Communication

In the current era where the corporate world is investing in smart logistics and smart transportation of goods, studies have shown that modern technologies are increasing the efficiency in the way communication is carried out in daily operations. The rise of the internet has increased the interconnectedness of businesses thus enabling smart technologies to be incorporated into transportation systems. For instance, the Internet of Things (IoT) which emerged in the 21st century has enabled logistics companies to revolutionize the way modern technology is incorporated in all activities of the organization. IoT can basically be thought of as a networked connection of different physical objects to enhance the efficiency and security of services offered by a company. Therefore, a logistics company can utilize smart technologies such as tablets, laptops, smartphones, and many more to connect in real-time.

Real-time Monitoring of the Movement of Goods

The internet is increasingly utilized to ensure that a logistics company can monitor in real-time the movement of goods from one place to another. In addition, smart logistics enables employees to work from remote regions and communicate directly with their colleagues without having to be physically present in the office. Smart logistics have therefore played an instrumental role in enabling an organization to communicate with customers and handle any queries on time thus leading to the delivery of efficient and quality services. From this perspective, efficient delivery of services leads to a higher level of customer satisfaction and this leads to customer loyalty. Therefore, it is evident that smart logistics and smart mobility play a huge role in enhancing the success and efficiency of organizations that have invested in these technologies.



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