Join top artists, athletes, teams, brands, corporate and NGO partners, technologists, and city leaders who are reimagining sports and entertainment and deploying cutting-edge technologies as we navigate the future of cities.

Through keynotes, panels, and breakout sessions, hear how commitments to sustainability and smart technologies are informing and impacting the entire sports and entertainment ecosystem in a post-pandemic era. Engage with city leaders, industry experts, and cutting-edge innovators on amplifying fan engagement (on/off the field), addressing health and safety protocols, best practices on data analytics, contactless payments, digital twins, sustainable design, and other evolving real-time issues.

Futureproofing Cities

Our mayors, CIOs, CTOs, CEOs, and innovators share a deep and common belief that solving problems with a citizen-centric lens is true disruption – they are deploying transformative technologies to drive economic development in underserved communities. They are increasing citizen quality of life through thoughtful public-private partnerships and innovative financing mechanisms.

Events and Advisory

Through year-long thought leadership, a carefully-curated advisory council, high-profile B2B events, and an awards program, our global community of forward-thinking business leaders, government officials, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and NGOs are driving the equitable and resilient transformation of cities.

Leading Experts

Our leadership consists of a group of seasoned professionals at the intersection of technology, sustainability, justice, sports, and entertainment who have the trust of mayors and CEOs, NGOs, and entrepreneurs, constantly collaborating with the world’s brightest minds on the topics of tomorrow.

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