Subways are among the best solutions for travel in large cities. Places like Chicago and New York benefit from subways as people will be less likely to be stuck in tight traffic when they use such services.

But for subway systems to be more useful, they must continue to evolve and use smarter forms of technology. Smart technology is being utilized on today’s trains and stations to make them more efficient and useful.

Improvements in Stations

Subway stations are starting to become more advanced. A good example comes from how signaling technology is starting to evolve. Computerized signaling networks are being installed with sensors inside rail tracks. These sensors will analyze where a train is going and will signal it to slow down or to alert people that it is coming. Readouts work in cases where real-time monitoring is a necessity.

The use of Wi-Fi technology in subway stations is also important. Wi-Fi signal generators are particularly being used in underground stations to generate signals in some tough spaces. Such systems have particularly become prominent in New York’s various underground stations. The technology ensures that people can still stay in touch with each other while traveling.

Real-Time Information

Smart subway systems use real-time information on where trains are located. Wi-Fi technology can be used in particular. With this setup, a series of Wi-Fi sensors may be added onto trains to be read by antennae or other readers while traveling. This gives off information on the location of a train based on its near station or where on the rails the unit is at. Passengers can find information on how much time is needed for a train to reach a certain destination thanks to this technology.

Ticketing Help

The process of getting tickets for subway services is becoming easier. Mobile devices can be used for ticketing purposes today. That is, people can use their mobile devices to get on trains without having to get any physical cards or tokens ready.

An example of this can be seen in the MVV subway system in Munich. People can pay for tickets with credit or debit cards and then present a digital ticket at a station before getting on a train. This may require an official photo ID in some cases as a means of confirming one’s identity, but that may change as the virtual ticket becomes more personalized with imprinted photo information included.

In other cases, tickets are being redesigned with non-swipe mechanisms to make them easier to read. IN 2018, the New York subway system will replace its swipe-based Metrocards with non-swipe options that use a wireless network to identify information on the card.

Technologies Inside Trains

Various technologies are being included inside trains to make them easier for people to utilize. The use of Wi-Fi signals inside trains is a point that will improve how people can enjoy their rides. The NTV system used on many subway trains in Italy is an example of this. It allows people to access real-time train information and various entertainment features on their devices through Wi-Fi signals. The information varies by season or occurrence as it entertains passengers and helps them through their travels.

The development of more 4G signals in trains may especially be critical. Such technology would assist in both making trains easier to monitor and allowing passengers to do more with their mobile devices while onboard.

Monitoring Help

Train analysis support is also a necessity as a means of improving upon how well rail cars can be identified and reviewed in real-time. The addition of in-track sensors that read the information on where trains are going will help in the future. Extra sensors that analyze what is happening inside individual stations can also be used to determine the demand for services. This improves upon how efficiently trains can run while also letting people know where trains are going in real-time.

Smart subway technology has grown over the years and is expected to continue to evolve as newer systems and more advanced forms of support come about over time. It will be intriguing to see how such technology continues to change and impact the transit world in general.



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