socialism government political system topSocialism can be interpreted as a doctrine that bases civic and family life on companionship while noting extreme socialism falls into communism. Socialism was an alternative to market fundamentalism for most of the twentieth century. Clearly, the impact of its ideas on world development is enormous. The world has changed radically in recent decades and continues to change rapidly. The post-industrial society has given way to the information society. However, the rapid development of technology has not made the world juster, freer, more solidary while deepening social inequalities.

Example of Socialism

Mongolia is the only country that began building socialism before World War II.


Confederations and federations ; Rural communities ; Empire ; Supranational ; Sovereign state ; Chiefdom ; Unitary ; Military Dictatorship ; Tribalism ; Totalitarianism ; Technocracy ; Theocracy ; Socialism ; Republicanism ; Plutocracy ; Populism ; Politeia ; Ochlocracy ; Oligarchy ; Monarchy ; Moderatism ; Meritocracy ; Libertarianism ; Liberalism ; Kleptocracy ; Fascism ; Feudalism ; Federalism ; Despotism ; Democracy ; Communism ; Colonialism ; Capitalism ; Bureaucracy ; Aristocracy ; Eco-Anarchу ; Anarchy

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