Many ideas fail at the beginning of their development. Let’s have a watch concepts startups at the initial stage of their story. You cannot even imagine how many crazy ideas amazing people have.

innovative technology solutions
Crowd-Sense by Visual Solutions
Visual Solutions UK Ltd Introduces Crowd-Sense, a ground breaking Crowd Measurement Service for Real-Time Analytics, uniquely suited for today’s Smart
reducing CO2 emissions
AI solutions for green technology to reduce CO2 emissions
These solutions will reduce CO2 emissions in the six participating cities and regions
solar panels Amsterdam
Amsterdam city plans to be completely independent of natural gas by 2040
The city plans to be completely independent of natural gas by 2040, of fossil fuels by 2050, and in 2030
SP Group
Expanding energy efficiency standards
The National University of Singapore is testing digital energy solutions from SP Group, a leading Asia-Pacific’s leading energy supplier, to
airport carbon accreditation
Istanbul upgrades airport to decrease CO2 emissions
Tier 1 accreditation refers to the greenhouse gas data capture phase.
Melbourne hydrogen refuelling point
Only two hydrogen-powered cars are currently available locally: the Toyota Mirai and Hyundai Nexo are due to appear on local
view smart windows
350.000 sq. foot of smart windows in Chicago airport
“Airports are adopting View Smart Windows at an accelerating pace as they seek to elevate the passenger experience and also
Startup IMPACT-E
The startup IMPACT-E is the winner of the DataCityLab program. It offers a solution to the problem of energy poverty
The Empire State Building wind power
Empire State Realty Trust purchases wind power from Green Mountain Energy and Direct Energy.
5G technologies
5G Commercial Infrastructure
South Korea has officially launched its commercial 5G network infrastructure. The first 5G subscriber was Lota, a robot equipped with
Remotely piloted ferry in Helsinki
First test of autonomous transportation using an existing passenger Suomenlinna ferry.
boat rental service
Boat P2P cab in Helsinki
Bout is a commercial P2P platform for organizing boat transportation on demand. Its development is supported by the Helsinki’s smart
roboat amsterdam
Water transport of the future in Amsterdam
Roboat Amsterdam is a 5-year study that explores and tests the use of autonomous transportation systems on water.
electric vehicles
Electric cars of the future in Amsterdam
86.5% of all-electric cars charge faster. The faster off-peak charging rate compensates for slower charging during peak hours. Flexpower
transport emissions
Mobility Urban Values (MUV)
For some kind of reward, users are invited to swap private transportation for public transportation, walking or cycling.
Street massive Internet of Things (IoT) network
CityIQ plans to install 4,200 sensors manufactured by Current by GE throughout San Diego as part of a massive Internet
Bright Ageing Helsinki
Bright ageing lighting sensors data collection
Bright Ageing testing sensors built into the lighting system and collect data. The analysis helps intelligent lighting to better meet
Abu Dhabi International Airport
Energy-efficient flooring
Abu Dhabi airport walkway provides power through footsteps Goal Optimize energy costs Project Abu Dhabi International Airport has launched an
digital kiosks
Unmanned digital kiosks
A network of multifunctional street postal terminals Goal Improvement of the process of goods delivery and receipt Project Helsinki The
Tex Line
Smart T-shirts
Goal To monitor the physical condition of people Project Developed by local startup KaHa and textile company Tex Line, with
air pollution
Contaminated air filters in kindergartens
Air pollution filtration systems in nurseries Goal To reduce children’s exposure to toxic air pollution Project In some of London’s
emergency medical care
Express non-life-threatening care service
The new format of acute care clinics’ medical care Goal Results Accelerate patient care and alleviate the burden on public
pet registration
Mandatory pet registration with microchips
The animal registration with a built-in chip Goal Decrease in abandoned and lost pets Project New pet registration system which
UAE Pass
UAE pass to access government services
Identity verification app Goal Large-scale automation of the service delivery process and digitization of residents’ data UAE Pass Project UAE
smart electric vehicles
Smart electric car connection test area
The vehicle environment through the center’s electric vehicle test area Goal To improve the city’s transportation mobility Project The city,
Smart 911
Faster smart 911 with personal profiles
Launch of the Smart 911 service Goal To create a service to help in emergencies situations Project Smart 911 is
driving application
Online application for driving licenses
Online driving license application Goal To simplify the procedure of applying for a driver’s license Project The Singapore government has
government accountability
Increasing government accountability
A tool to monitor the implementation of initiatives under the strategy of London’s smart roadmap Goal Increasing government accountability, creating
Dubai police station
First police station without officers
Dubai to open the UAE’s first officer-free smart police station Goal To provide greater accessibility of services, free up police
banking transactions
Unified e-payment platform
A unified platform for banking transactions Goal Creation of a unified platform for processing banking transactions for cafes and food
Solar Power Plant
Solar power plant developments
Mayor announces solar energy developments Goal To support solar energy and the transition to renewable energy sources Project City leaders
Organic waste recycling
Organic waste recycling plant
Plant for the processing of organic waste into renewable natural gas Goal To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve the overall
Waste Management
Waste management app
Toronto waste management app Goal To help residents with proper segregation and disposal of waste Project Waste Wizard is a
energy fund
Energy efficiency fund
Mayor’s £500m energy fund to help cut carbon emissions Goal To combat air pollution, support energy-efficient solutions and renewable energy
energy rating
New energy efficiency rating
New energy rating to push more buildings to go green Goal Reduce energy consumption, improve the environment Project The Singapore
cybersecurity policies
Introduction of new cybersecurity standards
Additional measures for cybersecurity policies Goal Improving the cybersecurity policies of urban and public digital infrastructure Project The Singapore government
Child Check System
Sleeping Child Check System
“Sleeping Child Check System” in All the School Buses of Public Elementary Schools Goal To monitor the safety of schoolchildren
firefighting equipment
Seoul supplies firefighting equipment
Supply of firefighting equipment for low-income citizens Goal Fire prevention, support disadvantaged people Project The Seoul government provides firefighting equipment
solar panels
Free distribution solar panels
Free distribution of mini solar panels for small-scale apartment security Goal To help low-income citizens Project In cooperation with solar
clean energy sources
Barcelona Energia launch
Launching a clean energy operator Goal To create an operator that integrates clean energy sources to deliver electricity to the
climate changes Boston
The Climate Mayors Initiative
The Climate Mayors initiative Goal Mitigating the impact of cities on climate changes Project “Climate change is not a problem
San Diego Dron system
Drone System
San Diego is launching the city’s first unmanned aircraft drone system Goal Increase emergency response speed and safety of emergency
First dockless bikes
First dockless bikes launch Goal To test a new system Project The uniqueness of the system is that bikes can
Brooklyn Queens
The new Brooklyn Queens streetcar Goal To introduce green transportation into a growing residential area BQX Project Brooklyn Queens waterfront
Public transport app
Simplify the use of transportation services for citizens and independent movement around the city for people with disabilities HKeMobility
Dubai Department of Transport
Dubai Smart transport system
Smart system to reduce transport waiting times during large events Goal Reducing waiting times, increasing visitor satisfaction Project The Dubai
melbourne city water
AI urban water supply system
Melbourne city water introduces AI into the urban water supply system. Reduce budget losses due to unreasonable energy costs
Spaces as a Service
Use of unexploited spaces in the city
Allow residents to explore business models for using inadequate/unused buildings, developing structures, and providing space as a service
Love Your Block
Love your Block
Love Your Block program to support residents in transforming public spaces and recruiting volunteers to make local changes
QR code parking system
QR code parking system
QR code parking system for shared bicycles. Implemented a parking system that uses a QR code to park rental bicycles
Mental Health
Mental Health First Aid
Oxiris Barbot announced that 75,000 New Yorkers have been trained in mental health first aid, part of the city’s goal
innovative educational
Creating an innovative educational
The city’s work to redesign historic buildings with an emphasis on new development areas to support the job-creating industries and
Young Londoners Fund
Young Londoners Fund
Earlier this year, Sadiq established the £45 million Young Londoners Fund to support community groups, charities
Civic Innovation Challenge London
Civic innovation challenge london
To support innovative solutions, relevant solutions to urban problems.  Project The Civic Innovation Challenge (CIC) launched in June
Smart Nations Scholarship
Smart Nations Scholarship Program
Pioneer Batch of Smart Nation Scholars Goals Student support, staff search Project The scholarship aims to attract talented students to
City Cafe
Seoul City Cafe Vacancies
Goals To increase the number of employed young people Project The Seoul City Job Café, located in Jeonno, Sincheon and
public social housing
Seoul-type apartment remodeling project
Renovation programs in Seoul Goal Citizens to improve their housing conditions Project After a demonstration project (40 houses) conducted in
Reducing pollution
Consumption management new goals
Reducing the amount of household waste Goals Reducing consumption and pollution Project Based on data from the waste management system,
Punggol Digital District
Creating a digital district
Punggol Digital District Goals To support and foster innovation through close collaboration between business and academia, as well as professionals
Environmental Impact Assessmen
Buildings renovation based on a new standard
Environmental Impact Assessment Items and Standard for Construction and Maintenance business – GoalsI – mprove use of efficient technologies
public transportation
System for unmanned public transportation
FABULOS (Future Automated Bus Urban Level Operation System) – Development of an AI system capable of controlling of public transport
Bold Strategy
Bold Strategy for London’s Transport
improve the transport situation in the city. by 2030 not a single person suffer in accidents involving city buses
Unmanned aircraft system
Unmanned aircraft system (UAS)
To increase the number of companies, testing drones, and encouraging commercial partnerships in the industry. (New drone testbed)
Land Transport Industry Transformation Map
Maintaining the relevance of the transport industry, including through using breakthrough modern technologies, as well as a human-centered transportation system
Barcelona Technology
Barcelona Technology training
Technology training for residents of different ages. Project for seniors (ages 65-74) on the use of digital tools.
IT Skills London
IT Skills for Londoners
The first phase will include a job fair and a series of events with leading IT companies (Google, Amazon, Bloomberg),
Tech Accelerator – Singapore
Expansion of the program to improve Tech Skills Accelerator Goals To increase opportunities for workers in the ICT and expand
Improving the standard of living of citizens
Kalasatama Wellbeing – Improving the standard of living of citizens Goals Finding new solutions that will improve residents’ lives, through
seoul startup
Seoul startup-friendly city
Startup support program – Innovative startup-friendly city Goals Development of a startup ecosystem and investment, job creation Project Among the
5G technology
NYC as a Smart City Testbed
Goals Using the city as a huge testbed 5G technology and other smart city solutions  smart city. New York City
5G network
5G networks in a factory
Schneider Electric, operator Orange and telecommunications equipment manufacturer Nokia announced the deployment of a 5G network at a factory
ophthalmic surgery
Organization of remote ophthalmic surgery
A medical team in Beijing performed remote ophthalmic surgery on three patients using 5G technology in March 2021. They were
Agile Transformation
Office of Agile Transformation
The purpose of this tender is to create an Office of Agile Transformation to guide and promote the agile transformation
warm building
Warm building
Warm building Purpose To test the technology for economic and technical feasibility for implementation throughout the city. About the Project
Smart sensors
Smart sensors for roads
Better quality roads, more accurate information about congestion and road conditions
sound sensors
Sound Sensor Network
Sensor Team has developed a new automated platform and sound sensor to measure noise.
smart project
Implementation of smart projects
Possibility to participate in the development of projects
clean city
My Clean City
Keeping the city cleaner
smart lightninig
Smart lighting
Improved quality of life
Produces lithium-ion batteries and energy management allowing CO2 emission and energy consumption reduction. Improving labor productivity.
Paradox Engineering smart parking monitoring system
Paradox Engineering
Paradox Engineering is a technology company that designs and markets Internet of Things solutions for open cities and other smart
informar nl ar solution
InformAR’s solution for 360-degree location scans helps cities to optimize their traffic load and generally forces less traffic in the
Leaders Bobby Gill chief architect 600
Blue Label Labs
Smart cities have the potential to radically change the world, or at least that’s what the pamphlets say.