smart cities influencer

Smart Cities Influencers

Solutions changing cities of today.

A small-mid size companies with solutions applicable to influence future cities’ strategy by a marketing, science, or even gamification via providing professional service.

smart competition smart city influencer
SMART Competition ORG
The Competition promotes sustainable design, the use of renewable technology, improving energy efficiency, and the smart grid
bable smart city influencer
Bable Smart Cities
Bable provides a smart and connected platform that gives cities and companies unique information for facilitating change.
2spark smart city influencer
2Spark is an app using a powerful predictive algorithm to engage all your staff in Smart Cities transformation projects.
future smart city influencer
Future City
Details on whether some elements of the competition will be taking place in person this season will be announced later
future architecture smart city influencer
Future Architecture
The Future Architecture platform is a well-balanced ecosystem of European cultural players in architecture who perform specific roles...
cities electronics smart city influencer
Smart Cities Electronics
The specialist site is dedicated to delivering information about what’s new in the Smart City Electronics industry. Electronic components.
bismart smart city influencer
Bismart ensures data quality, process efficiency, simplicity, and clarity of the user interface based on a correct understanding of goals.
zauba corp smart city influencer
Zauba Corp
Zauba Corp is India’s leading provider of commercial information and insight on businesses - your sole resource for critical information.
lab smart city influencer
EU Smart City Lab
Smart City Cluster (ESCC) is designed to create an innovative environment in cities that will boost companies together with businesses.
networks smart city influencer
Smart City Networks
Innovation. Leading Edge Technology. Best in Class Customer Service. Dedicated On-Site Sales & Support Teams.






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