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City innovation and transformation technologies.

smart home
How Smart homes will be integrated into Smart Cities?
"How Smart Homes and Smart Cities Will Change Lives ... It will be possible to control them with a device
digital twin technology
Digital twin: what it is, examples, applications
A digital twin is a digital (virtual) model of any object, system, process or person. It accurately reproduces the form
Visible Light Communication
In 2031 Intel transmits data with visible light
One of the most promising breakthroughs in 6G telecommunications is considered to be Visible Light Communication (VLC).
RFID: The Future Today
Nevertheless, experts predict a great future for RFID in retail, stating that ... At the same time during this period
future food
Revolutionizing the Food Industry: Exploring the Future of Alternative Food Sources for Sustainable Nutrition
These alternative foods may help to address issues such as food insecurity and sustainability, but it will depend on technological
How to use ChatGPT
ChatGPT is a chatbot based on a neural network developed by OpenAI engineers. How to use ChatGPT, a neural network
solar energy for home
Pavements will provide energy for homes
The pavement of the future is a new type of pavement made from recycled plastic. It was launched by the
citykeys smart city solution
Solution allows cities to move towards a sustainable transformation while spending less public resources and improving services for citizens.
montem smart city solution
MONTEM Smart City
Building Cities of the future. MONTEM develops intelligent infrastructure for different sectors on municipality and national levels.
engie smart city solution
Engie Solutions Smart Cities
ENGIE Axima, ENGIE Cofely, ENGIE Ineo, and ENGIE Réseaux, ENGIE Solutions is the trusted partner in the carbon-neutral transition.
ltron smart city solution
Itron Smart City
A portfolio of smart software, services, meters, and sensors helps our customers better manage energy and water for the people
ike smart city solution
IKE Smart City
IKE Smart City do free advertising to local and independent businesses, as well as non-profits to deliver value throughout communities.
delloite smart city solution
Deloitte Smart City
Deloitte's A 360-degree smart city looks across every aspect of a city’s operations and uses technology to improve outcomes.
schneider electrics smart city solution
SE Smart City
Buildings are a core component of Schneider Electrics smart city. From dining, shopping, and sleeping to learning, working and recovering.
samsung smart city solution
Samsung Smart City
Samsung C&T's Smart City will employ eco-friendly technologies to reduce energy loss and achieve energy independence.
amazon smart city solution
AMAZON Smart City
Cities of the Future powered by the Cloud Cities in the cloud have to benefit all. Get the technology and
ibm smart city solution
IBM Smart City
IBM's Smart Cities management key functions: city services, citizens, business, transport, communication, water, and energy.
huawei smart city solution
HUAWEI Smart City
A Smart City senses, processes, and delivers informed decisions that improve the environment for citizens.
bosch smart city solution
BOSCH Smart City
Air quality, energy efficiency, public security, and mobility are the four biggest challenges presented by this trend.
intel inside smart city solution
INTEL Smart City
Intel® Vision Products provide AI solutions across a diverse set of products enabling cities to become smarter, safer, and more






Greed is the magical creativity driver
Greed is not a problem. It's a natural instinct of the universe. You create the problem when you make limits to your greed.
Mental energy induces material realisation
Radiation of mental energy induces material realization of the variant in the quantum field (Akasha). Each organism contributes to the form..
When and how to use “mirroring” in communication
Gestures, expressions, postures, pitch or tone of the partner are imitated both in personal communication between partners or in the family...

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