Expansion of the program to improve Tech Skills Accelerator


To increase opportunities for workers in the ICT and expand the range of non-ICT industries for sectors for which the program will be useful


>10 000 professionals over the age of 40 have completed the program since its inception

TeSA is one part of the Skills Future project (see Q4 2017) aimed at developing ICT professionals. The program has expanded to 20,000 seats, and specializes in emerging fields such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, cybersecurity, Internet of Things and media. As part of the program, professionals take free professional development courses in

November’ 2017 Announcement extensions





The purpose of Human Being – Human Life
The intention is life itself, unconditional love. Awareness, which means we must be aware of who we really are, with all the possibilities.
Raise the question rather than to make assumption
Often we create the assumption that our relatives know what we are thinking and that we don't need to say what we actually want.
How not to step on happiness and satisfaction
what makes a person happy, and why does he feel satisfied? Can we feel happy without being more or less permanently satisfied?



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