To help find solutions to the city’s most pressing problems. Facilitate communication between startups


The NYCx program created the Technology Leadership Advisory Council, comprised of 22 leaders from leading tech companies. For example, the co-founder of LinkedIn, the CTO of Microso, and the CEOs of IBM and Google. The council will help assess the possible impact and application of the latest technology to urban life

2018: First Council Meeting

The NYCx Technology Leadership Advisory Council will advise the city on a program designed to address urban issues, and enhance the economy, affordability and equity.

By connecting technology companies with real urban needs, for the city, the program will create new technologies that help solve problems like climate change and transportation accessibility, increasing jobs and improving the economy of the technology sector.

“Technology is an integral part of our lives and is vital to New York City’s growing and diversifying economy,” “With NYCx, we are engaging leaders from the technology community to make sure that new technology makes New York City the fairest city in the world,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio.

“This diverse group of technology experts and community leaders on the Council will play an important role in helping us shape technology for the benefit of our communities across New York City and around the world. This unique collection of voices will make New York City a city that embraces technology that accelerates opportunity and jobs for the benefit of all New Yorkers.”,” said Miguel Gaminho Jr., chief technology officer of New York City. “

NYCx Tech Leadership Advisory Council Members:

Allen Blue, Co-Founder, LinkedIn

Andrew Rasiej, CEO of Civic Hall and Chairman of the NY Tech Alliance

Avi Dorfman, Co-Founder, Compass, and Entrepreneur-in-Residence, D. E. Shaw Group

Ben Fried, Vice President, Chief Information Officer, and New York office Tech Site Lead at Google

Beth Comstock, Former Vice Chair, GE and NYCx Tech Leadership Advisory Council Co-Chair

Brian O’Kelley, CEO, AppNexus

Clayton Banks, CEO, Silicon Harlem

David Belt, CEO & Co-Founder, New Lab

Fred Wilson, Partner, Union Square Ventures

Jukay Hsu, Co-founder, and CEO of C4Q

Julie Samuels, Executive Director, Tech: NYC

Karin Klein, Founding Partner, Bloomberg Beta

Keith Krach, Chairman, of the Board, DocuSign

Kevin Ryan, Chairman, and CEO, AlleyCorp

Kevin Scott, CTO of Microsoft

Kiel Berry, Vice President of Global Emerging Opportunities at Viacom

Kim Polese, Chairman, CrowdSmart

Liliana Gil Valletta, CEO, Cien+ and CulturIntel

Marcy Klevron, Executive Vice President and President, Mobility, Ford Motor Company

Matt Harrigan, Co-founder & Managing Director, Grand Central Tech

Maya Wiley, Senior Vice President for Social Justice & Henry Cohen Professor of Public and Urban Policy at The New School

Michelle Peluso, SVP & CMO, IBM

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