Cracked glass as the leading Topic of the Cybertruck introduction

The cracked glass at the official launch of the Tesla Cybertruck and its strange appearance in public hits of the Internet. The broken presentation sent to Elon Musk shares fell by more than six percent after the presentation of the futuristic electric car. Tesla now seems to explain the whole situation, the world cannot be last thanked around American cars still entertained.

US billionaire and philanthropist Elon Musk said that Tesla Cybertruck passed the stress tests just before being unveiled to the public. According to him, a hammer was used to test the strength of the door and its safety features on the car door. The hammer blow, however, allegedly caused a small crack in the Tesla Cybertruck window, which they did not withstand the impact of an iron ball, which was demonstrated by the car designer chief Franz von Holzhausen.

The cause of the failure Elon Musk, according to the BBC, published in response to questions Tesla fans. “The procedure should have been the opposite. First, throw an iron ball and then hit with a hammer. Perhaps next time, ”Musk wrote. To convince Tesla fans, he even published a video on which the carmaker repeated the whole attempt with the iron ball, this time successfully. However, the video clearly shows that this time the conditions were different from the official performance.

Bad PR, as usual works perfectly

To show off the strengths of her new “pride” and redress her reputation, Tesla tied her to the top-selling American pick-up Ford F-150 and left both cars tugging. And a wonder – Tesla won. The powerful Ford pulled uphill despite the F-150 trying to go in the opposite direction. However, the video published by the automaker shows that Cybertruck started off before Ford. This is one of the reasons why the famous American astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson took to Tesla. “This whole demonstration has not shown how powerful the Cybertruck engine is,” Tyson said on Twitter, adding that Tesla won only through better traction. Elon Musk responded that electric power always prevails in power.

Success despite embarrassment

It might seem that Cybertruck has been able to deter most people from its short existence. But the opposite is true. The automaker said that after the botched presentation of its first electric pickup, it received a total of 200 thousand orders for a new car. “These moments are exactly why Tesla has such a fan base. Unlike other automakers and their executives, who are always perfect and error-free, Elon Musk and his Tesla strive for a more human approach. Whether it ends or not, ”said analyst Jessica Caldwell of Edmunds, a car sales company. According to her, Tesla fans are renowned for not condemning the automaker, and Musk’s company believes it will correct any mistakes before it is officially launched.



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