In Buddhist knowledge of Mahayana, which is a group of Buddhist traditions, texts, philosophies, and practices from the beginning of the 3rd century, cosmology was described by theories that are very close to our current ones, proved by the most experienced physicist of the modern era under the term of the quantum field.

Imagine a spider’s net that’s spliced in all directions, and on every part of this net hang millions of dew drops.

In every drop, you can see a mirror of all other drops around it, as well as the net itself, and all is mirroring to the infinity. The network of Indra can be described as a holographic universe where even the smallest part of the Universe can contain the complete picture of the Universe.

In every water drop, you can see a mirror picture of all other drops around it

In every water drop, you can see a mirror picture of all other drops around it.

As a big fan of Nikola Tesla, I would like to explain one example of him. We heard about Nikola Tesla as a person who invented the 20th century. Tesla opened alternating electricity, and many of his inventions are those that are these days an inseparable part of our everyday life.

Thanks to his interest in Vedic cultures, Tesla was in a unique position that allowed him to understand the relationship between West and East knowledge models. The same as other significant inventors, Tesla watched very deep into the mystery of the outer world, but except this, he also watched very deep inside himself, inside his inner world. The same as older preceptors and teachers, Tesla used the term – Akasha to describe ethereal matter that spreads across all things, all around us, and inside us.

Tesla was inspired by Swami Vivekananda, a yogin who brought to the West information about ancient Indian knowledge. In Vedic science, Akasha is called the space of inner space – the space of everything. Space that fills all other elements existing modernly with vibrations. These two “matters” are stainless. Akasha is Jing, Rana is Jang. The modern conception of fractals helps us understand the Akasha, or how scientists call it – the initial substance.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. – Nikola Tesla

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