The Climate Mayors initiative


Mitigating the impact of cities on climate changes


“Climate change is not a problem that a city can solve alone, but Boston’s leadership could have far-reaching consequences,” said Mayor Walsh.

The Mayor of Boston requested project proposals from qualified renewable energy developers with projects across the U.S. that could meet municipal energy demand in the 20 cities brought together by the Mayors Climate Initiative. The total combined energy demand of all cities included in the request is about 5.7 terawatt hours, enough to power more than half a million homes in the United States. The request focuses on information about project size, geography, anticipated completion date, technology, and the estimated cost of the solution. If successful, the large-scale purchase of renewable energy projects will help authorities in these cities, save money and offset carbon emissions.

“Cities have the power to create demand and transform the energy market – and when we act together, we can show the world that care for the environment and economic prosperity go hand in hand,” said Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. “As chairman of Climate Mayors, I am proud to stand alongside Mayor Walsh in working to strengthen the role of cities and support the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.”

July 31, 2018 Project Launch

2030 Year of end of the current strategy


Government: reduction of urban maintenance costs, improvement of the environmental situation in the region
Citizens: Improved safety and quality of life









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