Platon, at his time, mysteriously touches the existence of the Golden key that unites all mysteries of the Universe. We will feel this Golden Key in the results of our all-life analysis.

Golden key – the key of the root of every part of the universe

The Golden key – the key of the root of every part of the universe.

The Golden Key is the symbol of understanding the Logos – the root of the initial AUM. We can even say that, most probably, the Golden Key is the brain of God. With our limited feelings, we can view only the outer movement of the hidden mechanisms of self-similarity. The origin of this god-full symmetry is the biggest mystery of all of our beings.

Many monumental scientists and philosophers like Pythagoras, Kepler, Da Vinci, Tesla, or Einstein came to the closest level of secret.

Einstein said that the most beautiful that we can experience is the feeling of secret that’s the essence of any genuine art and science. The person who never felt this feeling and doesn’t know to stop for a while and take thought – is seized by the plain delights is similar to a zombie, and his eyes are closed.

We equal the position of small children sitting in the vast library full of books in all languages. Children know that someone wrote all these books, but they don’t know in what meaning these books were written, and they don’t understand the language in these books. Children somehow suspect about the availability of mystery kind of the order that organized these books, but they have no idea about that order. We equal exactly to this position. The meaning applies even to the most intelligent person on the planet in understanding the relationship between the Human and God.

We see that Universe works by unbelievable mechanisms and obeys particular laws. Our limited mind is capable of comprehending this mysterious power that’s moving stars’ constellations. Every awakened scientist watching deeply inside to the inner Universe, the same, every mystic watching deeply inside himself, at the final results they face to face always the same. The initial spiral.

Initial spiral inside the inner world

Initial spiral coming from inside of the inner world.

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