• Core areas of decision: reproduction, care of children, hunger, thirst, security, fear, and aggression
  • Secondary areas: empathy, territory,

Cares of the core processes – called instincts


During Borning: generate DMT chemicals that place you in this world – to the illusion of Maya
During Dying: generate DMT chemicals that take you out of this world – to the

Work similar to an antenna. Sending and receiving bio-energetic signals.

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Information structure in the field of options
The structure of information is organized into chains of cause and effect. Causal links give rise to a flow of variation. Paths of least...
Auto-self-resolution of problems by your brain
When you got stacked by the impossibility of solving some problem or task try to use the solution that I am calling "auto-resolution".
Mind calming down needs elimination of negativity
One of the key problems that braking my possibility to get relaxed is feeling any type of negativity. Here are some guides that I use.

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