Legends tell the story about Asclepius, the son of Apollon, where they call him the god of medicine and how his wisdom and healing knowledge were unsurpassed. Even more, legends talk that Asclepius opens the secret of life and death. In the ancient healing temples of Asclepius, the power of the original spiral was a symbol of a wand of Asclepius.

Asclepius snake health spiral

Asclepius snake health spiral.

The same, Hypocratus was called the father of medicine. Bringing the oath to him is generally accepted as a moral debt of every doctor and every person in the medical profession. The first time that the oath was used was during education in the temple of Asclepius. As of now, this symbol is of our evolution energy in the form of the logotype of the American Association of medicine and many other world medicine organizations.

Asclepius snake health spiral modern usage by global medical agencies

Asclepius snake health spiral modern usage by global medical agencies.

In Egyptian iconography, the snake and birds impress the duality of the people’s nature. The snake is the symbol of the evolution energy of the world, and the flying bird is the symbol of awakened and concentrated consciousness as the space of Akasha.

Egyptian hieroglyphs engraved on an ancient stone wall

Egyptian hieroglyphs are engraved on an ancient stone wall.

The awakened energy of gods and pharaohs was expressed in the form of a Kundalini snake moving up over the spine and ending between eyes, creating the eye of Ajna Chakra that’s often called also as the eye of Horus. In Indian tradition, the third eye is the goddess’s connection with the spirit; it’s called Bindi.

Absurdystan - Eye of Horus

Eye of Horus – pharaoh symbols covers all elements – all senses of humans.

The mask of Tutankhamon is the typical example that demonstrates a single expression of snake and bird.

Tutankhamen mask

Tutankhamen mask

In the tradition of Mays and Aztecs also joined elements into one divinity called Kukulkana. The snake with wings symbol defines the awakened consciousness or awakened energy of Kundalini. In ancient cultures, it was accepted that awakened consciousness is the alive expression of the god. It was again generally accepted that the snake’s energy would return at the end of time.

Aztec calendar monumental ancient Mexico

Aztec calendar monumental ancient Mexico

We can also find these symbols among Christian ones, although these symbols are encrypted here much more profound than in Indian and ancient cultures. The sense is similar – above Christ’s head is often the white pigeon representing the holy spirit, the same as the Kundalini Shakti that’s moving upper the sixth chakra and higher.

Throne Bernini Holy Spirit Dove Saint Peter’s Basilica Vatican Rome Italy

Throne Bernini Holy Spirit Dove Saint Peter’s Basilica Vatican Rome Italy

In Evangelium of Joannah, it was told that Moisei put up the snake in the desert – the same should the son of a human be lifted up. Both Jesus and Moisei woke up their energy of Kundalini as the result of consciousness being opposite the conscious power of the snake managing the human wishes.

Jesus spent 40 days and 40 nights in the desert and was tempted by Satan. The same Budha was tempted by Marra when he was sitting under the tree of knowledge and reaching consciousness. Both – Jesus and Budha turned from human wishes and mundane pleasures. In both of these stories, the demon is the symbol of the own dependence.

Temptation of Buddha fresco Sarnath Varanasi India Asia

Temptation of Buddha fresco Sarnath Varanasi India Asia

When we deeply analyze the story about Adam and Eva in the Vedic and Egyptian cultures, we will find that the snake is securing the tree of life of kundalini. The apple represents the temptation of outer world feelings disturbing us from the inner world – from the tree of inner knowledge.

The first pillar Genesis Eve offers the forbidden fruit to Adam

The first pillar Genesis Eve offers the forbidden fruit to Adam

The tree symbolizes the network of Nadia – the energetic meridians inside us that looks like tree-like structures inside the whole of our body. In our egoistic research of outer pleasure, we cut ourselves from the knowledge about the inner world, from our connection with the Akasha, and the knowledge of the source – the Brahma.

A very similar, almost the same historical myth about dragons can be traced as a metaphor for inner energy. The Chinese culture symbolizes happiness. Like Egyptian pharaohs, the Chinese emperors who woke up their evolution energies were portrayed as a snake with wings or a dragon.

Scenic dragon statue absurdystan publication

Scenic dragon statue on the rooftop of a Chinese temple.

The royal palace of the Jade Emperor, also called the Palace of Heavenly Purity, represents the harmony of balance similar to the balance of Ida and Pingala, or Jing and Jang. Balance awaking pineal gland, or in the culture of Dao – the highest Tian Dian.

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