Each year, hundreds of teams attend TNW’s flagship event to bond, learn, and get inspired. Companies like Nike, Lush Cosmetics, and Netflix have attended in the past, to boost team spirit.

At TNW2020, there’s plenty to motivate your group – with over 70 companies on our expo floor and over 400 speakers to hear from, they’ll leave with newfound insights and a productive mindset.

Treat your colleagues to engaging keynotes, hands-on workshops, and team-building exercises – and save big on tickets, too.

Content for Every Member

Over two days, your team can develop their skills and expand their knowledge on a vast amount of different topics. Through engaging keynotes and panel discussions split over 12 different content tracks, big names will share their ideas on tomorrow’s tech future. We’ve confirmed speakers from Spotify, PayPal, Reddit, and NASA – just to name a few.

The big picture of the conference.

The opportunities in our tech future can seem vast and endless—but there are several overarching themes that paint a strong picture of tomorrow. What trends can we predict? How can we prepare for the next wave of innovation? How will it shape our society and way of life?

Across all industries and professions, the Impact stage welcomes expert speakers to share their perspectives on the big picture of technological advancement. From legendary innovators to corporate CEOs, hear your idols discuss their views on the future of tech. Confirmed speakers include Steve Huffman, co-founder, and CEO of Reddit, Peggy Alford, VP of Paypal and board member at Facebook, and Anjali Sud, CEO of Vimeo.


Explore strategies for scaling your startup in the Growth Quarters track at TNW2020.

Companies that can scale quickly and sustainably become the frontrunners in the startup landscape. What are the key factors that separate success from failure?

On the Growth Quarters track, you’ll hear how the most successful founders kickstarted their companies. There are many factors at play while scaling up: adequate funding, a solid business plan, old-fashioned hard work, and a bit of luck. And yet—purpose, people, and technology help create a solid foundation from which to launch and grow almost any business. Gain insights on how to grow a thriving company from experts with firsthand experience. Speakers include the CEO & founder of Drift, the Director of Strategy at IBM, and the Chief Growth Officer at N26.


Explore the latest retail tech innovations and best practices in the Checkout track at TNW2020.

Retail innovation is constantly evolving, from established brands testing new customer experiences to the changing face of service delivery. Global projections expect the global retail market to reach nearly $28 trillion by 2020. Retailers are facing an onslaught of technologies, which leads to important questions about what to invest in today, and how to lay the foundations for the future.

Checkout puts a new spin on tried-and-true themes: from the role of brick-and-mortar retail to making data actionable to the importance of using technology to truly understand what your consumer wants and needs—and delivering it. Hear from executives at Booking.com, Appear Here, and more.


As an irreversible climate crisis looms, emergent tech has a central role to play. Greener innovations hold the key to a sustainable climate, from shaping the fourth industrial revolution to changing consumer mindsets. What tech can we use to help combat our climate crisis, and how can businesses and individuals thrive in a state of uncertainty?

Explore how innovations like cloud computing, big data, and a new way of thinking can help us solve the UN’s global Sustainable Development Goals. Hear from experts in the space including Economist Gunter Pauli, Journalist Leslie Hook, and Nadinè Galle of MIT Senseable City Lab.


Intense competition and constant tech innovation have changed the marketing industry forever. Today, the concept of a “brand” reaches far beyond the surface level. It encompasses a whole new set of elements: social consciousness, authentic customer relationships, and public policy. Building and developing a brand involves understanding and implementing new trends.

Embracing tech can make you an industry leader in the eyes of the consumer. What are the most important trends in 2020?

The brand explores the intersection of marketing, branding, and technology. Hear from executives at companies like Facebook, Sony/ATV, NASA, and more.


The data economy has become the most valuable sector in the world. Artificial intelligence has already improved our health, the way we shop, and our personal devices. But while enthusiasm is high for companies, end users are rightfully concerned about algorithmic bias, data privacy, automation, and job security.

Addressing these issues, we can find sustainable ways forward with AI. Discuss how AI will transform key industries, the impact it will have, and how we can ensure an AI-positive future at Neural. Hear from thought leaders and executives from companies like Spotify and RSA among others.


Data, autonomy, and connectivity have fuelled the future of mobility. By 2020, analysts predict the globally connected car industry will be a $141 billion market. But the deployment of connected vehicles is far from certain – will it be in the form of self-driving cars, electric motors, or new forms of transport?

Companies, regulators, and city planners are now racing to balance tomorrow’s vision with today’s needs. Together with the FT, Shift explores how these stakeholders can come together. Hear from speakers including the Managing Director of Toyota AI Ventures and the Global Motor Industry correspondent from the Financial Times, and explore questions like What role should micro-mobility play in the overall urban transportation landscape, and what is an intelligent city infrastructure?


Art reflects developments in society and our ever-changing culture. New tech innovations have reshaped how we create, experience, and share art. What is the relationship between art and society today?

FORM highlights artists using avant-garde technologies in their creative processes; exploring questions about the importance of digital art and what it can tell us about the human experience – both past, present, and future. Hear from speakers including Gawain Liddiard, VFX Supervisor at The Mill, and Christopher Bauder of art and design studio WHITEvoid.


Artificial intelligence and automation are shifting the labor market. The rise of co-working tools and spaces has ushered in new trends including freelancing, the gig economy, and decentralized workforces. Growth and globalization have increased race and gender diversity in the workplace; while Generation Z has raised demands for company transparency and sustainability.

What does this mean for our future work lives—which skills will we need to stay relevant? How can companies adapt to the new norms of work, and attract and retain a new generation of employees? Future of Work explores the latest trends and provides in-depth answers to prepare companies and individuals for a new way of working. Hear from higher education professionals and executives at Google, Vice, TomTom, and Zoom, among others.

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