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Geopolitical Transformation



Global protocols of security in pandemic

Full-time monitoring including mobile phones and cameras. Total biometric control of the people across countries.

Global migration crisis

Quarantine and cost-cutting by companies increase negative tension in relationships between nationalities and migrants in countries with higher immigration.

Global finance crisis

The effect of the first package of support has been charged, and the second wave of the pandemia hit global economics.

Hunting witches in Biotech

Laboratory researches under attacked by people that counting them guilty for the pandemia.

Programs of guaranteed allocation and unconditioned income

Global governments of well-developed countries implement programms of guaranteed work-load to support economics stabilization.

Food crisis on critical countries

Risk of mass food insufficiency in many regions of the worlds due to inability of agriculture and production materials.

Corona world

Vaccination seems to be insufficient, virus mutating, and people learn to live with understanding of “coronavirus existence”

Mass nationalization of banks

Mass bancrupcy of country economics force governments to nationalite banks

New cold war

Beginning o f cold war nbetween China, USA and Europe as results of mass China expansion into the corona-impacted countries.

New Marshal's plan

Leading global economics develop plan to resuerection of bancrupted and low-developed countries.

Release debt with low-income countries

Creditors release debts to the low-developed countries. 

Technotyrany, or digital democracy

Governments of the world implement new forms of control of people, but there is a high risk to make the system transparent and democratic.


African ISIS

Growing the ridiculous islamic sections in the middle-Africa’s region and occupying higher territories under their control (direct or indirect).

China internationalism

China offers a new global ideology as the oppositure to the amiran liberal model.

End of global system of security of 20th century

Global system of security getting reconstructed by countries that were the best in efficiency in solving problems of coronavirus.

End of petrol-economics (including Arabian countries)

Decreasing requirement for petrol. Regions, economics thats developed around petrol-segment coming to long crisis.

The end of old populism and new generation of politics

Populistic governments can be “porazene” due to their incompetence to solve economic and social troubles after the corona crisis.

Nationalization of tech standards

Countries- leaders of Islands beginning to nationalite systems of technologic standards in key areas.

New world "finance center" in Asia

Risk of national security and requirement of privatisation of personal data force to nationalite the biggest players of global IT market

Islanding - the politics of big Techno-blocks

Transfer to the new geopolitical model, developed around possibilities of macro-regionak blocks with self-sufficient technologic and industrial politics.

Generation and gender conflict all blame old white man

Politics of the old generation became guilty in negative evolution after the crisis (pramirily economicsal) creating force on alternative leaders.

Split/Nationalization of IT giants

Transfer of money and development of the new split of global finance in centers in Singapore, Koala Lumpur, and Bangkok. After the crisis in Hongkong and Dubai.

End of EU and, end of the EURO

Impossibility to coordinate the EU to come out of the crisis force countries to leave the EU.


Russia, Germany, Arabian Block

The unexpected alliance of Europe (technology), Russia (geopolitics), and the Arab countries (resources) leads to the formation of an additional Island

The Monroe Doctrine 2.0

The U.S. reiterates the priority of dominance in Latin America and supports this vector financially and politically.

The Kyoto Protocol in Education

Islands agree on new ways to fairly offset the costs of human capital development between countries and between blocks

League of Nations 2.0 (control of Bio and Cyber)

Creating a new system of control over Cyber and Bio developments that pose a threat to humanity (e.g. nuclear)

The New Space Infrastructure-Competition for Leadership

The major powers are creating their own support infrastructure in the orbit of the Earth and the moon to begin colonising the solar system.

New regional instability

A series of regional conflicts “like the war in Syria” erupts on the borders of islands or in their zones of influence-Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Latin America and others.

"New Comintern"

The unification of countries that find themselves on the losing end of the next wave of globalisation, led “explicitly or implicitly” by one of the islands of “most likely China”.

Reopening “Northern sea” way

The Northern Sea Route is receiving significant traffic as a result of increasing problems with passage through the Red Sea.

The first big cyber war

A big “Battle” to take over control of the critical resources of the economy “energy, transport, etc.” Between the Islands, to be fought by the proxy states

US: Neo-Rouveltianism

The need to maintain U.S. leadership and pace of development leads to “socialise”- nationalise a number of critical industries and launch large-scale national programs in education, health care, construction, etc.

Impersonalisation and localisation



Graveyard of Unicorns

Unicorns in Silicon Valley go bankrupt en masse due to inability to maintain previous business model

"Clean Zones" and the Right to a Clean Life

The creation of clean zones through rapid testing systems AND “immunity passports” helps rebuild the economy, but leads to the division of the population

Everything goes online

Digital transformation accelerates in all sectors because of quarantine

The collapse of urban economic bubbles

Fear of contagion and non-contact alternatives in delivery and services are drastically reducing traditional urban economy: commercial properties, malls, parks, and large facilities are closing.

Massive increase in unemployment

Due to the expected economic downturn, companies around the world are massively cutting jobs

Immunity Passports

Those who have been infected or are immune to the covid-19 virus receive an indivisor, allowing them to work in “contact” sectors and restore the economy.


5g + space internet as core ICT infrastructure

Building the infrastructure of the digital economy is accelerating

Eliminating Digital Illiteracy and Reducing the Digital Divide

“Digital” are becoming a “way of life,” a greater proliferation of digital solutions is narrowing the gap in a very short time

Resetting global technology markets

New players in digital “and not only” sectors are catching up or noticing existing ones

Networking ways of organizing businesses and markets

Digital transformation is changing and simplifying organizational structures, the economics of industries

Blended learning as the new normality of education

The dramatic growth of educational technology solutions and the transformation of blended learning into the new standard of education

A hit on environmental sustainability

As the economy recovers, cheap but environmentally unsound solutions become more popular


Tax on migrants (link to labour productivity and automation)

Governments of developed and rapidly developing countries impose a tax on the use of immigrant labour to develop new technological sectors with high labour productivity

Transition to mass automation/networked economy

Accelerated transition by unmanned and non-contact solutions in all sectors to make them resilient to future pandemic scenarios

Relocation of production of critical goods "food, medicine and other

Large-scale relocation of production in developed countries using new technologies.

Digital Healthy Live and Neo-Eugenics

Using personal geometry for biohacking and making yourself “superhuman,” highlighting a cohort of healthy lifestyle oriented people who use “digital” to continually improve themselves and their children.


Africa as EUROMEX "new southeast Asia" in the division of labor

Active industrialization of Africa: northern territories under Europe’s “EuroMex”, western under the U.S. “new Southeast Asia”, eastern under China and the rest of Asia

"Venturization" of Traditional industries in developed countries "USA, EU" and the "sprawl" of the Silicon Valley model

The need to accelerate the development of traditional sectors and the search for new areas of capital application Leads to the “unpacking” of traditional infrastructure industries “rail transport, construction and other.” for venture capital investment.

Ocean development project as a unifying opportunity for second-tier countries

New opportunities in the ocean “mariculture, terraforming, underwater settlements, and more. ” as an opportunity for second-tier countries to take leadership positions in the twenty-first century.

"Wheat Ilon Mask": a global network food producer for the twenty-first century

One of the leading venture capitalists is creating a new global network food producer for the XXI century.

Russia as a Leader in New Green Energy sources (Nuclear and Hydrogen)

Renewable energy paradigm incorporating hydrogen and nuclear energy Russia is among technological leaders in energy transition

"Fractality": the spread of autonomous/modular solutions in the economy

Autonomous “green” solutions for homes, apartment complexes, and communities are being implemented, as well as local systems in all critical products

Chances of a dream



A new line of explosion of social experimentation online

The emergence of so many new formats of self-organisation and collective reflection to overcome the pandemic

The psychological trauma of quarantine-returning quarantine

Lifestyle changes lead to psychological problems in adults and children “including as a result of the second and subsequent waves of coronavirus 

Increase in domestic and public violence

Quarantine and pending crisis lead to a surge of violence in families and on the streets.

Emergence of a phenomenon in online spirituality

As a result of isolation, religious worship and new spiritual practices are actively moving online, and new practice formats are emerging

A celebration of disobedience

Tired of quarantine and state control leads to confrontation between the population and the authorities. Mass uprisings and an increase in crime, including new types.

Blockchain rush to the rescue

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain solutions create new spaces of trust and help rebuild economies where governments can’t handle it


The vogue for the intangible economy

Expansion of digital consumption alternatives leads to a “minimalist” lifestyle

The New Civic Solidarity

Networked civic projects and initiatives prove to be an effective and more cost-effective alternative to public and private projects

With the privatisation of personal data

Leading demands of new social movements become ownership of personal data and the ability to capitalise it at will


Full-cycle contracts

Distributions including, as required by regulators, cradle-to-cradle model contracts (costs including full recycling or recovery) in industrial and urban areas

New privacy "opt-in option"

The possibility of regulating one’s own openness to the world-controlling one’s personal data and one’s image as a “fare plan” emerges

New 1968: environmentalists, traditionalists, and others

Large-scale public conflict between the old elites and all those affected by the crisis, but a new “recovery of the well-to-do” leads to the rise in popularity of environmentalism, traditionalism and leftist travel.

New Asceticism

New generations are adopting an ascetic lifestyle model, following environmental and anti-capitalist values “promoted by governments and investors as the New Preferred Lifestyle

Zeroing in on Student Debt in the U.S. and the end of the ratings era

In the wake of the new year of 1968 and the Prospects economy, U.S. authorities decide to renew student debt and create a system of government support for higher education. Student loans market is winding down with it the rating system of higher education institutions.

The winding down of the consumer economy

Investors begin to withdraw en masse from assets and projects betting on the development of a consumer economy, and encourage large companies to seek a new philosophy of value creation theory development


Climate refugees

A series of environmental disasters in the equatorial belt special to the Indian peninsula leads to a surge in the flow of refugees for environmental reasons

Martian Lifestyle

Community groups emerge that begin to prepare for the colonization of Mars and an ascetic way of life on another planet

New Caste (relying on genotypes and lifestyles)

The emergence of new “tribes” with appropriate status and specializations based on genotype

New Asian solutions to "ideas for billions"

In response to the Crisis of early 2025 tech companies in China, India and Asean offer massive cheap solutions to hunger including insect food, mariculture, urban farming and more

Reassembling the global social democratic project

The emergence of new movements uniting the social democratic forces of the 21st century and offering a new idea to Europe, as an answer to the demand for a new identity

The transition to ecological-generative models in the countryside and in the cities

Awareness of how quarantine has affected the environment is an opportunity to quickly rebuild the economy around environmentally friendly solutions. regenerative economy becomes the new business paradigm

Development of fundamental natural technology

Development of “nature-like” technology related to a deep understanding of the mechanism of living systems, and new production-management systems based on them.

Franchise types of leadership

territories, settlement and residential complexes with a spread set type of decision-making theory leadership and related services.

Last update: November, 2022

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