How can I define myself? How can I be aware of my individuality? Only in relation to something else, something that is not me. I can become aware of myself only in regard to “You” and “Him. In the reciprocal communication within this triangle – I, You, and Him – my identity as an individual are revealed. That is how it is possible to point to the trinity of human communication and self-awareness.

The figure of the triangle is the simplest format that can exist in 3D. We must have at least four points (dots) for it to be manageable by physical reality. By making a triangle in 3D, we will get the form of the tetrahedron, and it is good to remember that only the triangle is the most stable and self-stabilized figure.

reciprocal communication within this triangle – I, You, and Him – reveal my individual identity

The reciprocal communication within this triangle – I, You, and Him – reveal my individual identity.

In Bible, the word tetragrammaton is often used for the imagination of a particular expression of God. It was used when they wanted to tell about God, in the unique name of God – Logos, or about the initial word. It is the name of the Creator of all things, including all kinds of forms existing in the world as point, line, surface, cube. The mystical power of the unpronounceable name of God, encoded in the tetragrammaton, has been actively used for centuries in folk tales, literature, and art. A widespread Jewish folk legend, originating in Prague, tells of an artificial man (“golem”) created from clay to perform various dirty jobs, challenging assignments of importance to the Jewish community using timely intervention and exposure. After completing his task, the golem turns to ashes. Folk legend credits the golem’s creation to the famous Talmudist and Kabbalist chief rabbi of Prague, Maharal Yehuda Ben Bezalel, Rabbi Loew Maharal of Prague, who brought the statue to life by putting a tetragrammaton in its mouth.

The ancient civilizations knew that at the root of the existence of the Universe are the first forms and basic elements containing the trilateral element. From this form, nature starts moving in the direction of equilibrium (balance) – to Shiva. But at the same time, the form has one more fundamental moving direction to change – to Shakti.

In Bible and other religious notes, it is told that at the beginning was “the word”, although in the original texts was use the word Logos. A Greek philosopher Heraclid who lived about 500 years before Christ, described Logos as fundamentally impossible to understand. The ancient civilizations knew that in the root of existence of the measure, the source of all repetitions, models, and forms.

Sacred geometry – forms the root of existence of the measure, the source of all repetitions models forms

Sacred geometry – forms the root of the existence of the measure, the source of all repetitions models forms.

Later, another scientist explained his words as God’s moving principle that appears across all Universe. In sophism, they are telling that Logos is everywhere and in everything. It this exactly that all unmanifested become manifested. In Hindu traditions, Shiva Nataraja means the lord of the dance. All universe dancing by Shiva’s beating to the drum. Everything is suffocated by pulsation. As long as Shiva is dancing, the world can change and evolute. On the opposite, the world collapse into nothing.

Shiva represents our consciousness, and Shakti is the matter of the world. While Shiva stays in meditation, Shakti is trying to force him to make him dance. The same as Jing and Jang, the same as dancer and dance, the same as artist and art. They exist like the united ONE.

Logos can also be explained as the Manifest of Truth. That one who understands the Logos understand the Truth. There exist many hidden layers in the human world because Akasha created a mass of complicated structures hiding the root of itself, playing the game of hidden god for millions of years (for our civilization, it is, of course, only a few thousand years). During that time, we completely forgot (removed the necessity) that something exists and that we need to find it.

In Buddhism, they are teaching their students to understand the Logos directly inside themself. Using meditation, they are joining the field inside them. When you are analyzing the inner world, you start to see much more thin feelings and energy.

In Buddhism, they are teaching their students to understand the Logos directly inside themself

In Buddhism, they are teaching their students to understand the Logos directly inside themself

As your brain becomes more concentrated and focused, through the direct realization of Annika, and by impermanence level of existence, the person becomes free from the connection of outer forms of disturbance. When we realize that only a single vibration field of operations joins the root of all religions, we can easily say that my religion, my initial OM, or my quantum field.

Entering another dimension through perfect prayer, meditation, or creativity is an essential process of connecting the emotional and mental aspects of the human being. This phenomenon can be explained through a universal development paradigm. According to it, the development of human evolutionary transformations reveals a movement from the right hemisphere to the left. That is, from man’s awareness of merging with the surrounding environment to the signal of man’s self-awareness. And from there to hemispheric synthesis, which paradoxically combines definite and abstract, polysemantic right-hemispheric and unambiguous left-hemispheric strategies of cognition.

This leads to the crystallization of the paradoxical (dialectical, creative) way of perceiving and understanding the world, as well as generates a prayer-meditative state. It is the perfect type of life activity: in the state of meditation, according to encephalographic research, functional synchronization of hemispheres is observed. In other words, the hemispheres of the human brain act as a single whole.

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