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Large-scale automation of the service delivery process and digitization of residents’ data UAE Pass


UAE residents can now go through digital identification, which will give them access to government services and online transactions. By creating an account with UAE Pass and downloading the app, residents will be able to log in to any government website for services. In this way, all personal information will be automatically uploaded to the website the first time they log in to the account.
UAE Pass is the first national digital identity platform, available in the Emirates and distributed through a single mobile ID that allows not only access to services, but also to digitally sign documents.
To authenticate identity using a smartphone after downloading the UAE Pass app, users must provide valid credentials, such as a citizen identification number. For transactions higher-order transactions, such as the purchase of the real estate, users will need to submit biometric data

October 2018 Project launch


State: automating the service delivery process
Citizens: simplifying access to government services

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