Can a person make a good decision? It is difficult. The stressed business person doing decisions based on the analytical view of the situation. Often, does not matter if it is good or bad. It is just a decision that makes a usually processual and economic impact on the case. But what about the decision that’s not based on the business situation?

There do not exist good or bad decisions. Every person has their own mechanism to make a decision that’s in line with the good behavior of society. It is pretty simple. First, you have to become silent, relaxed. It is possible to decrease stress and make yourself relaxed by simple breathing practice. Then it is about finding the compromise of the meaning of your mind and acceptance of the decision by your soul.

Following short guide:

  • The mind has a will but is incapable of controlling external intention.
  • The soul is able to feel its identity with external intention but has no will.
  • Your soul flies in the space of options, like an uncontrolled paper kite.
  • In order to subordinate the will, it is enough to achieve unity of soul and mind.
  • More often than not, the unity of soul and mind is achieved in aversion, fear, and hatred.



The unity of soul and mind is the path to happiness
The unity of soul and mind is so rare that it can literally be sold profitably. All masterpieces of culture and art are the essence of unity.




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