There exist universal primitive states that people are experiencing during the process of awakeness of hearth center. It is an experience of their energy as the energy of the Universe. When we allow ourselves to feel this love, become that love, and when we connect our inner world with the outer world, everything becomes one.

How can we feel the music of spheres? How to open the hearth?

Sri Ramana Maharshi said: God lives in you the same as you live in God, and you should do nothing for the realization of God or self-realization. Throughout all searching and turning your attention inside. Direct your mind to yourself inside the deep heart of your being.

The direct way of self-analysis allows going through this by our own experience. When meditating and watching our inner feelings and inner life, we see facts in variables. When energy changes its form, we can see changes in our feelings’ form of appearances and disappearances. The level of awakeness relates to the level of evolution of our ability to adapt ourselves to the present moment, or the possibility to change bliss to continuously changing conditions, pain, and pleasants.

Lev Tolstoy said: everyone thinks about the change of the world, but nobody thinks about the change of himself. Darwin also found that one of the most important characteristics of surviving is not power or intelligence but the possibility to adapt to changes. Therefore, it is necessary to become an artist of adaptation. Buddhist knowledge of Anitiya tells that everything appears and disappears, everything is changing all the time. Suffering exists only because we are connecting to particular forms. When we connect with viewing a part of ourselves, with an understanding of Anitiya in heart appears the bliss.

Quantum field of Akasha visualization of the universe self-organization of universe data

Quantum field of Akasha visualization of the universe self-organization of universe data

Throughout history, saints and scientists, yogins, and mystics unanimously described the saint unity happening in the hearth. The mystery secret of the heart is in the unity of Shiva and Shakti, male penetration to the spiral of life and female ability to change. Watching and unconditional acceptance of everything as it is. Now, at present, to open our hearts, we have to be open to changes. Live in the world that looks for us as matter, dancing with it, involving with it, living a full life, love for real, but know that it is not endless and at the end of the end, all forms get dissolved and change.

Bliss is energy that reacts to immovability. It is created from awakeness and cleaning of consciousness from everything around us. Bliss comes to our hearts with the newly awakened energy of everything.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, it is necessary to build a new model that makes the current one obsolete. – Buckminster Fuller

Visualization of the Inner world by expression of Jantra data model inside the human body

Visualization of the Inner World by expression of Jantra data model inside the human body.

We all must believe with trust that we all have the same opportunity to know and we all must believe that we can. The question of how is irrelevant when you truly know that you can.

Laco Vencel

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