A network of multifunctional street postal terminals


Improvement of the process of goods delivery and receipt



The Finnish government and the Finnish technology company Agora Networks plan to install a network of 200 smart postal terminals (digital kiosks) in all cities by the end of 2019.
The postal terminals will not only perform the functions of issuing and returning orders from online stores but will also allow second-hand goods to be sent for recycling. Self-service kiosks can act as a platform for equipment that measures urban air quality and WiFi/5G base station networks. Delivery services will be available to consumers at reduced rates by attracting additional revenue from the company’s street digital signage on the surface of POS terminals


The city government has launched the Locker Alliance pilot project – a network of 39 multifunctional postal terminals in two city districts and at public transport stations. The postal terminals will perform the function of dispensing
and returning postal items. The technology is being implemented jointly with SingPost, Singapore’s postal operator.

During the next year, additional functions will appear – delivery notifications and parcel status updates via SMS or email, and an extended delivery network. Also, SingPost will integrate courier services, postal terminals, and ordinary pickup points into a single platform “Last Mile”. The postal operator has launched its SmartPost suite of postal solutions, which uses a mobile app to track deliveries.

Over the next year, additional features will appear, such as delivery notifications and parcel status updates by SMS or email

November 2018 Launch of Last Mile mobile platform

November 2018 Launch of the post office network in Helsinki

December 2018 Launch of the post office network in Singapore


Government: expanded delivery network
Citizens: making post offices more accessible



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