Urban ecology is the scientific study of the relation of living organisms with each other and their surroundings in the context of an urban environment.

CITY ECOLOGY is the science of creating favorable conditions for human life in the city, which is achieved by landscaping, reducing and controlling pollution, and using the principles of ecological architecture.

Human ecology in the city is characterized by isolation from natural factors, and deterioration of the quality of habitat. The urban environment even with its comfort hurts human health due to pollution of the external environment.

The problem of human ecology has gained social and economic importance for many countries. Nowadays it is an area of special attention for scientists, the public, and parliamentarians. However, when we talk about ecological problems, we usually speak about bad air, polluted water, increased noise, and radiation and do not mention the equally important ecological factor – the permanently visible environment and its condition. Moreover, it is often thought that having fresh air, clean water, and quiet is enough, and one can look at anything. With this approach in mind, urban environmental design issues are quite often addressed, as well as creating workplaces and decorating the interiors of industrial and residential spaces. And meanwhile, the data of science shows that a constant visual environment, its saturation with visual elements has a strong impact on the human condition, especially on the organ of vision, which acts like any other environmental factor that makes up the human habitat.






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