“International Fair of Investment & Business Opportunities & Regional Development”
Urbis SMART CITY FAIR is the annual international trade fair that focuses on creating a unique space for sharing ideas and practical designs on how to bring to life and develop the concept of a smart city in central European towns and villages.Urbis SMART CITY FAIR

Exhibitors Profile

Profile for exhibit includes advice, guidance, stockbroking, financial planning, corporate finance, superannuation, financial literacy, training, discount broking, and fund management, Commercial & Residential Real Estate Agents, Residential & Commercial Developers, Mortgage and investment loan originators, Project Marketing Specialists, Property Investment Advisors, Buyers Advocates & Consultants, Property Insurers, Industry, and Government Bodies, Solicitors and Conveyancers.


9:00 AM – 6:00 PM (Business)

Estimated Turnout

5000 – 20,000  Visitors and 100 – 500 Exhibitors (Based on previous editions)

Category & Type

  • Trade Show
  • Building & Construction
  • Business Services








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