Smart Space Network


Allow residents to explore business models for using inadequate/unused buildings, developing structures, and providing space as a service (Spaces-as-a-service – SaaS)


Information about areas available for reservation is available through the API

Respa (the prototype of a citywide reservation system that allows you to easily search and filter facilities by type, purpose, location, and availability). Intelligent Space Network is working closely with the developers of the city data portal and the Respa API to expand its base of city spaces.
The project also aims to improve understanding of the business model of facilities as services in collaboration with Aalto University. The city has made space research part of its strategy. The measures of this project facilitate this by promoting resource stewardship and cost-effective use of city-owned facilities.

Aug. 15, 2018 Project launch


State: best use of urban space
Citizens: increased citizen access to facilities in the city





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