Nothing in our world is at rest. Everything is moving, vibrating, and radiating energy at a particular frequency. You and I also emit different vibrations when we experience fear, anger, joy, etc. Your vibration is the energy you broadcast to the outside world, as well as the energy you attract to yourself like a magnet. It turns out that you receive what you send out!

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Low vibrations draw to you things you don’t like, bring you discomfort, and take away your energy. In doing so, you don’t enjoy life and feel disappointed. Low vibrations of people or objects around us are said to be of poor quality, as they only characterize the conscious level. We vibrate low when we are angry, nervous, and irritable. These are the frequencies that are characterized by negativity. By the way, all “dead” food (meat) also has low vibrations, while healthy food based on plant ingredients and liquid food has high vibrations. Interesting, isn’t it? What’s good for us and for those around us are high vibrations. For example, love emits a vibration of 150 Hz, but grief is only 0.1 Hz. When you vibrate at a high level, your life is filled with positive events, and joyful moments; you get what you want. It happens because you are in tune with the energy of the Universe. And this is not a bare assertion, but facts confirmed by special devices during scientific research.

What kind of person is mindful? If you remember what happened to you yesterday, that’s hardly enough. Mindfulness is more than that. You process not only the information that you see and hear, but you also connect the other senses. You are able to understand and analyze how the world around you acts on you and what you can give it in return. Usually, all esoteric teachings are greeted very coldly by skeptics and lovers of scientific argumentation. But the doctrine of vibrations and their influence on the human body has long gone beyond esotericism – today, it is the most progressive theory of physics, string theory.

In addition to the theory of quantum gravity, this theory was a real breakthrough in physics in the second half of the twentieth century. It states that everything in the world consists not only of protons, neutrons, and electrons but of strings of different sizes and arrangements. The mass of each body is determined by the type and frequency of vibration of these strings. Digging deeper, the theory explains how our Universe came to be without a single energy source, and why each proton has a particular mass.

To confirm or disprove this theory, the Hadron Collider was built, as described below. Would such budgets have been spent to determine the veracity of a pseudoscientific theory? What does this have to do with human vibrations? Well, here it becomes more interesting. You and I also vibrate all the time. Everything that moves and interacts with its environment resonates and vibrates. We hear sound vibrations and resonance, say, when we strike a crystal goblet. But even after the sound fades, the body continues to vibrate, but we just don’t notice it. Now imagine how the human body vibrates: blood is constantly running through the blood vessels, the heart is beating, the brain’s neurons transmit signals to the nerve endings, and so on. All of this is movement, and every move creates a resonating effect. As strange as it may sound, all our lives, we vibrate, and there’s no getting away from it. Everything around us also vibrates – but how does vibration affect a person? Although science does not deny the existence of vibration in all human organs, physicists are unlikely to tell us about the ability to control our own vibrations.

Interestingly, the percentage of stress has almost doubled over the last 20-30 years. We can also attribute this to the enormous intensity of life in cities and global industrialization. But what if we look at it from the other side. Again, back to physics. There is the notion of Schumann’s resonances, showing the frequency of the Earth. The index was discovered in 1986 and shows the stable frequency of the Earth’s vibration in hertz. At the time of its discovery, it was 7.6 Hz and has never changed. The human body emits these vibrations in a relatively calm waking state (7-13 Hz). When we are at the same frequency as the world around us, we feel comfortable and well, and we are less prone to depressive states. But over the last ten years, the Schumann frequency has begun to increase. This suggests that the Universe is evolving, and its frequencies are getting higher. Which means we need to move to the next level, too. Soon evolution will require a transition to the so-called beta frequency, where the brain works clearly and fog-free. This is a new level that will be the key for each of us to understand our problems and the influence of the Universe on our lives.

Suppose we can control our emotions and indirectly change our vibrations. Can we comprehensively control our inner resonance? To answer this, look at the Tibetan monks. To understand a person, they tune in to them and their vibrations; they hold their hands and try to feel their pulse. That’s how you tune in with them, and they will be able to tell you exactly what’s wrong with you. Problems with vibrations are reflected in all areas of life. This includes personal relationships, confidence in yourself and your abilities, success in your career, and creativity. The area with lowered vibrations is often directly related to the areas where you are experiencing problems at the moment or all the time. The problem areas should and can be dealt with by raising a person’s vibration.

You can make experiments by yourself with binaural sounds. Let’s say you’re listening to a sound in your left ear that’s at a frequency of 132 Hertz (Hz). And in your right ear, you’re listening to a sound that’s at a frequency of 121 Hz. Your brain, however, gradually falls into synchrony with the difference — or 11 Hz. Instead of hearing two different tones, you instead hear a tone at 11 Hz (in addition to the two tones given to each ear). Binaural beats are considered auditory illusions. For a binaural beat to work, the two tones have to have frequencies less than 1000 Hz, and the difference between the two tones can’t be more than 30 Hz.

Following are some notes of frequencies, you can use them for different purposes of your experiments with the brain that you can set up in any of the applications on your mobile phone or computer.

Brain waves visualization. Different frequencies program the human brain

Brain waves visualization. Different frequencies program the human brain.

To better study

Memory – Increasing of memory retention functionalities – 4.0 Hz
Focus – Associated with problem-solving and information tasks – 14.0 Hz
Study – Good for absorbing information passively – 12.0 Hz

Work with your spirit

Trance – Associated with inner Guidance, intuition, and heat generation – 5.5 Hz
Astral travel – Let your body travel across the dreams – 7.0 Hz
Chanting – Mantra that has been used for deep meditation throughout ages – 4.5 Hz
Solfeggio – This frequency is known as the Earth resonance (Schumann Resonance) – 7.83 Hz
Third eye – Invisible eye that lets you perceive things beyond ordinary sight – 13.0 Hz

For better sleep

Sleep – The natural periodic suspension of consciousness during which the powers – 2.0 Hz
Deep sleep – People in deep sleep are less apt to wake in response to an external stimulus – 3.9 Hz
Lucid dream – A lucid dream is any dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming – 1.5 Hz

To heal your body

Delta 1.5Hz known as Abraham’s universal healing rate – 1.5 Hz
Overcome addiction – Tells a person they are satisfied which is useful in addictive personalities – 8.0 Hz
Fatigue energizer – a frequency used to treat fatigue – 20.0 Hz
Inflammation problems – help you with overall inflammation problems – 20. Hz

To train your brain

Intelligence – Associated with the cortex and has the effect of increased intelligence – 15.4 Hz
Creativity – Good for starting, and contemplating creative ideas or solutions to the problem – 10.6 Hz
Relaxation – A binaural beat for mental and physical relaxation – 6.0 Hz
Euphoria – Overcome yourself with feelings of happiness, excitement, and well-being – 20.0 Hz
Intuition – Awake your intuition – 5.5 Hz

Working with one zone or another is possible with the help of so-called vibration keys. Using them, you can consciously influence your body’s vibration level – the higher it is, the more precisely you feel the world around you. Here are a number of tools that are certainly familiar to many people, and help raise your vibration. It’s a joy because only you know what gives you joy and pleasure when you “explode” with anticipation. Anything, any action, any activity that gives you joy -the more often you do it, the higher your vibration. It’s music that’s either meditative or that gives you a drive, and there’s music that makes your Soul turn right inside out and open up. Another tool is any positive change, and we need to see and strive for positive change within ourselves.

Keep calm in meditation open the new – the natural meaning of yourself

Keep calm in meditation open the new – the natural meaning of yourself.

The following tool to raise the vibrations is the emission of love and kindness, laughter and smiles. When you radiate from the inside out a field of Love, kindness, support, and understanding, all the brightest things in a person are amplified. Unconditional love is the one having the highest vibration! Everyone knows the cleansing power of water. Remember how soothing the sound of a stream is, how pleasant it is to watch the rain, and contemplate the magnificent views of bodies of water. Water, as an inseparable element of nature and nature in general, raises our vibration. And it’s impossible to ignore meditation. When we meditate, our brain frequency slows down, and we vibrate in a completely different way.

The vibration is everything. We can translate the meaning of Nada Brahma as the Sound of the Universe. As well as we can translate the word Nada as a Sound of vibration and Brahma, the name of God.

Brahma is simultaneously the Universe and also the creator – the same, like an artist and his art = an inseparable synergy. In one of the first notices of ancient India was told that Brahma the creator was sitting on the flower of a lotus, opening eyes and the world becomes the composition of matter, and when Brahma closes the eyes, the world leaves the composition of matter.

When Brahma closes his eyes, the world leaves the composition of matter

When Brahma closes his eyes, the world leaves the composition of matter.

Meditation practitioners across centuries prove that closing the eyes and moving to the deep level of consciousness exists a kind of field. It is the field of Akasha, or let’s say the kind of notes of Akasha that keeps all the Universe’s information. All the experiences of the past, current, and future. Akasha was, is, and will exist forever. From this field, or we can also call it matrices, come to all things, starting by subatomic elements and closing by galaxies, stars, planets, and all life.

Although, we will never see this field in all its beauty because a high volume of vibrations layers this field. One layer is mixed with another one. These vibrations are all the time changing, communicating information with Akasha. For example, trees use the energy of the sun, air, rain, and ground (earth). Energy is moving inside as well outside of this phenomenon that we are calling tree.

Specter of frequencies for life. Trees use the energy from the sun, air, rain, and ground

Specter of frequencies for life. Trees use the energy from the sun, air, rain, and ground.

When we become quiet, we can see reality as it is. All inseparable aspects together. Tree, sky and ground, rain, sun, stars, life, death. The same as mountain and valley are inseparable, the same we are inseparable from other people.

In all traditional resources of knowledge and religion, texts keep one joint meaning – that everything has something that we call “spirit” or soul. It is one more option trying to say that everything is linked with one, the single element of vibrations.

Exists only one consciousness, one field, and one power that’s moving absolutely through everything. This field does not exist around you – this field exists through you. It exists in the meaning of you itself. You are an important part of the Universe, and you are the eyes through which consciousness sees itself.

important part of the Universe absurdystan publication

You are an important part of the Universe – you are the eyes through which consciousness sees itself.

When you wake up as conscious, you will realize that you are getting the experience of yourself in your dreams, and you create everything. Something that we call real life is the same. All and everything is you. Only the One consciousness watches the outer world by every eye, under everything in space, everything inside and into the smallest element.

Buddha also had one more term for the Logos substance – the Calapas translated as Collapse. It’s the self-sufficiency of the smallest substances (bangs) to born and die trillions of times every second. In this case, the reality is the series of snaps of holographic projection that move fast enough to power the illusion of continuity. When consciousness becomes absolutely quiet, the illusion reveals. It happened because consciousness itself creates this illusion.

In international laboratories of physics of elementary elements search this field that’s across all things, but instead of searching it inside, they watch outside to the outer world.

In 2013 CERN published that they found the Higgs Boson, also called the element of God. Experiments with the Higgs Boson proved that invisible energetic fields fill the vacuum of space. The big hadron acceleration mechanism in CERN is a 27km long tunnel in which two protons are forced to run against each other at a speed that is very close to the speed of light. Once they reached the maximum speed, they meet and crash. Meantime, scientists watch these fatal crashes that we can also call the Big Bang simulation.

Standard models cannot describe where elementary particles get their matter. It looks like everything is created from vibrations. Still, the vibrating object that creates the root vibration is missing. It looks like there is an invisible dancer in the dark of the Universe who creates the core vibration and all other dancers dance around this hidden soloist. We watch and try to understand the choreography of the dance, but as of now, it is not possible to see the dancer himself.

The Higgs boson is probably the element of the core material of the Universe, the heart of the matter that we use to understand as responsible for the inexplicable volume of mass and energy expanding our Universe.

But scientists are still far away from opening the mystery of the Universe. Higgs boson foundation creates for us a big secret that opens us to the new Universe, even much bigger and more mysterious than we can imagine. Science is getting closer to the border between consciousness and matter. The eye by which we watch the initial field and the eye by which this field watches on us are the same.

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