I have two visions that stalking me through all my life. One is the vision of a population of our planet that lives more in line with the rules of nature. The second is the research of consciousness and its connection with the knowledge of the universe, the quantum field.

Absurdystan Vision of the perfect algorithm

Education-based community

The first is to find a way to start transformation our consumption-based behavior into education-based behavior. You can try to imagine a world where a celebrity on Youtube is not an influencer sitting in a landed Lamborghini, with expensive Rolex watches and all that US dollar show around, but the person that has the real value for humanity. A scientist that found something useful, or an artist that creates music with soul, or an engineer who invented something with global value. Impossible? I don’t think so. In the universe everything is possible. With proper human programming, which we can also call propaganda, there is a lot of space for the realization of every scenario.

The perfect algorithm

The second idea is much more philosophic. It is the research of something that I call ” the perfect algorithm”. The interface between matter and a quantum – the interface between singularity and synergy – the interface between a physical, digital, and spiritual meaning of the sense of being. It is naive, it is crazy, someone can call it science-fiction, although, nobody did refutes the possibility to research this secret that may change our future of communication between people, computers, matter, and antimatter around us.



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