Toronto waste management app


To help residents with proper segregation and disposal of waste


Waste Wizard is a quick and easy-to-use waste management tool that is designed as part of the city’s long-term waste management strategy to support the city’s recycling and environmental goals. The app is designed to make it as easy as possible for citizens to participate in waste management programs.

The functionality of the app:

  • Schedules for trash pickup/recycling;
  • A map of special collection points, where you can throw away, for example, Hazardous waste;
  • A map of places where you can donate or buy used items;
  • Information on how to properly sort over 2,000 waste items;
  • Ability to set reminders and alerts for service changes.

2018 Project Launch


State: improvement of the environmental situation of the city
Citizens: simplifying the waste disposal process

TorontoWaste Management





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