Wireless digital content delivery for theaters and distributors


Telecommunications company Telstra and distribution technology company Silver Trak Digital have launched a service to deliver digital content to movie theaters via 5G – Cinema Direct. The service is supported by Telstra’s network infrastructure. Content can be ordered through the Silver Trak portal. Cinemas receive digital content over Telstra’s 4G and 5G networks. 5G is used in urban cinemas and 4G is used in rural areas. Content delivered by Cinema Direct is separate from any other traffic and available only to Silver Trak Digital customers.


Using 5G to deliver digital content to movie theaters provides hardware cost savings and increased security. Additional revenue streams are possible for cinemas through the availability of multimedia services: showing live sports events, concerts, etc.

Project launch:

2022 г.


Telstra and Silver Trak Digital Launch 5G Cinema Content Delivery

Technology: 5G
Areas: Entertainment & Media

Geography: Australia
The object of implementation: Cinemas
Developer: Telstra, Silver Trak Digital



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