World’s first Court of the Blockchain


Streamlining the judicial process, eliminating duplicate documents, and increasing the efficiency of the entire legal ecosystem


Courts at Dubai International Financial Center are collaborating with Smart Dubai to create the world’s first blockchain-based court. The research will focus on working out the feasibility of dispute resolution. In a statement, the working group says the collaboration will work on a model for smart contracts that will take into account possible exceptions and conditions for a seamless and efficient dispute resolution process in the courts.
Commented the head of the Courts Association: “The task force is guided by the principle of providing fair judicial services, using the potential of blockchain technology, Dubai will be at the forefront of innovation in legal technology, becoming an example for other countries and jurisdictions.”


State: increased efficiency and trust in the legal system
Citizens: improve the quality of decisions put forward

July 30, 2018 Project Announcement

2020 Implement 100% of government transactions on the blockchain



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