To support young Londoners, reduce and prevent crime


Earlier this year, Sadiq established the £45 million Young Londoners Fund to support community groups, charities, youth centers and schools that provide much needed positive activities, events and opportunities for young people in the capital.

The fund is part of a set of measures designed to encourage young people to get off the streets and make good choices, and for some, to steer them away from crime and anti-social behavior.

The mayor will be investing in the projects in the coming months. Today’s announcement will benefit 9,950 young Londoners through 36 London programs, including everything from theater circles and job training to soccer clubs and art classes.

After investing £750,000 in July to provide safe and positive summer activities in 15 schools and ongoing support for more than 2,000 of London’s most vulnerable young people.

The Mayor of London launched the £45 million London Youth Support Fund to support communities, charities, youth centers, and schools that provide young people with the necessary activities and opportunities.
The fund will benefit 10,000 young Londoners with 36 projects ranging from theater groups to employment, soccer clubs, and art studios. An interactive map of activities for young Londoners has also been created.

The map, posted on the London City Hall website, includes more than 200 educational, sports, and recreational facilities for young people during the summer vacations

Summary of results

State: Reduced crime, reduced unemployment
Citizens: Support for young urbanites, additional jobs, reduced crime




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