The project consortium “auto.Bus – Seestadt” in Vienna tests two autonomous buses. Now they first went to the traffic on the streets. The Vienna Transport Company wants both vehicles to be deployed in the Aspern district in early 2019.

For the first time, two self-service buses went into real-life traffic.

The half-kilometer test route led from the final Aspern Metro Station to the local Technology Center and back. Both vehicles repeatedly managed it without problems, and they also managed to connect with the traffic lights.

Further tests will continue in the autumn, on an approximately two-kilometer test track around Aspern Station.

From the first months of 2019, buses will also be free to carry passengers from stops near the subway station. Anyone can take a ride, but it will not be classic line traffic.

A trained operator will always be present in the eleven-seat vehicle, which will hit the driver if necessary, and the passenger will then remain at ten places. Although the regulations do not allow to exceed the capacity of vehicles, It’s another step for the future of the electronic city concept.



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