Solutions, Influencers, and Pioneers

All solutions that support global Smart Cities development in one place.

  • Big Brand Solutions – Big companies with strong Smart City solutions implemented in cities.
  • Smart City Influencers – Small companies and non-profitable supporting cities development mainly by marketing.
  • Smart City Pioneers – Startups that study and develop innovative solutions later accommodated by big players.

Big brands solutions

Big brand solutions leading global cities development. Brands (corporations) help cities, and non-profits build strong solutions applicable for any city size to drive their performance and meet their development goals.

Real-time decision support systems for city management CityKeys
Montem Smart City Solution
MONTEM Smart City
Schneider Electrics Smart City Solution
Amazon Smart City Solution
AMAZON Smart City
IBM Smart City Solution
IBM Smart City
Huawei Smart City Solution
HUAWEI Smart City
BOSCH Smart City Solution
BOSCH Smart City
INTEL Smart City Solution
INTEL Smart City
Cisco Smart City Solution
CISCO Smart City
AT&T Smart City Solution
AT&T Smart City
ABB Smart City Solution
ABB Smart City
Qualcomm Smart City Solution
Hitachi Smart City Solution
HITACHI Smart City
Accenture Smart City Solution
Siemens Smart City Solution
Siemens Smart City


Smart Cities influencers

Smart City Influencers provide support of communication about solutions with communities and social networks on one side, on the other side provide consulting services for successful deployment of solutions in cities.


Innovation pioneers



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