Smart Cities

Cities following a sustainable strategy.

Against the background of economic and technological changes caused by globalization and the integration process, global cities face the challenge of combining competitiveness and sustainable urban development simultaneously.

Note: 139 global cities in 48 countries declared their Smart City vision to support their 216.000.000 citizens. We need more.

Eligibility Criteria

Smart Cities enablement criterias

Global Smart Cities leading the innovation level in technological, infrastructure, and cultural development. These cities measurable track their quality development and take their citizens into account in the decision-making process.

Cities Eligibility Criteria - About Smart Cities

City of the Month

A city with the best online popularity index in the area of Smart City strategy development, or peeks performance on developing their infrastructure, or hypes with a solution that’s globally trending in innovation communities.

Ranking and Benchmark

Professional infrastructure, social and digital maturity of cities. Rating of cities, regions, or country. Every voice is important and makes a better picture of where is the comfort level of our life.

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About Smart Cities

About Smart Cities agency deals with the leading European and US metropolises, and also with medium and small-sized cities and their perspectives for development. The vast majority of the urban population lives in such cities, the main focus of urban research tends to be on the ‘global’ metropolises. Very evidently, this challenge is likely to have an impact on issues of Urban Quality such as housing, economy, culture, social and environmental conditions.

As a result, the challenges of medium-sized cities, which can be rather different, often remain unexplored. Medium-sized cities, which have to cope with competition of the larger metropolises on corresponding issues, appear to be less well equipped in terms of critical mass, resources, and organizing capacity.

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