Ranking and Benchmarking

To enforce development and achieve a good position, cities identify their strengths and weaknesses, as well as identify their chances to extend comparative advantages in key resources against other cities of the same level. Although they are quite common in recent times, current rankings are very different in their approaches or methods. Most cities have quite specific aims focused on shareholder interests. Due to different interests behind rankings and the indicators and methodological approaches used it is also normal that one city is ranked very differently in different rankings.

Cities Rating Criteria - About Smart Cities

For the ranking of a new city, we select a sample according to the project’s aim and its timeframe. We use two criteria: cities should be of small or medium size and they should be covered by accessible and relevant databases.

Professional infrastructure, social and digital maturity of cities. Rating of cities, regions, or countries. Every voice is important and makes a better picture of where is the comfort level of our life.

About Smart Cities Ranking

We use different methods for ranking different categories to measure an overall picture of the city, region, country ranking. Our professionals execute research in areas of the following categories.

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Smart City Ranking Categories


This rating category represents the citizen’s general opinion about the city services’ availability and quality in daily use. It is a subjective point of view about the city by its citizens. -> Leave your Answer


Rank how easy is to open, build, maintain, and operate a business in the city. Rate government specifics and legal obstacles causing to business either positive or negative impact to open and operations. -> Leave your Answer


Connectivity refers broadly to social connections via communications systems. The category represents the coverage of communication networks, availability, and quality of the internet. -> Leave your Answer


Rank defines the availability of the education type in the city that includes the basic schools, colleges, universities, but also the availability of schools for the elderly and similar type of education. -> Leave your Answer


Environment quality includes the pollution, greenhouse effect, and also green fields and parks in the city. So greener is the city, so more comfortable is living there. Rank availability of these elements. -> Leave your Answer


The availability of local energy sources and the overall country approach to use renewable energy sources like wind, water, geothermal, solar, and nuclear energy to power their cities and services. -> Leave your Answer


The rank category tracks the readiness of the government to build the city of the future. Availability of the strategy, mission, and focus on better development rather than paying plain political games. -> Leave your Answer


The quality of the healthcare system available to everyone independent of the status is one of the key aspects of a well-developed smart city. Track public as well as private hospitals in the city. -> Leave your Answer


The municipality makes cities clean and comfortable. The quality of municipality including waste, water, and other resources recycling technologies is covered by the government and by private sectors. -> Leave your Answer


So more time you spend in the traffic jam so less comfort you are getting and so less is your personal productivity. The rank tracks the availability of hi-end technologies in the city transportation system. -> Leave your Answer


Tracks the availability, quality, and quantity of services that citizens get in the city including cultural events. Ranking tracking how easy citizens can get the service, and what’s the level of competition. -> Leave your Answer


Properties and living track an accommodation of citizens in the most comfortable level. The cost of this accommodation for the common person in the category of public space as well private sectors. -> Leave your Answer


Innovative technologies maturity represents the city level in the development roadmap. The most developed cities use also the most innovative technologies, including experimental projects. -> Leave your Answer

Life Quality

General life quality is given to a city by its citizens. Joining all categories into the one showing the level of life quality in the city. So higher is the life quality, so higher is citizens’ consciousness level. -> Leave your Answers

Top Smart Cities

About Smart Cities selected top cities in areas of popularity and quality of Smart City strategy development and execution. Follow the best of the best cities in the world.

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