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Renewable Energy

Smart Energy grid, wind, water, solar, and geothermal sources.


ambient energy harvesting forecasts and challenges for 2028
Ambient energy harvesting forecast and challenges for 2028
The ambient energy harvester market experiences major growth in the forthcoming years.
first solar plant that converts salt water into drinking water
Solar plant that converts salt water into drinking water
A renewed hopes in Kenya introduced a solar-powered plant that transforms salty ocean water into fresh drinking water.
space requirement of renewable solar energy sources
Space requirement of renewable energy sources
It takes more space to produce renewable energy than you think, says Paul Behrens...
china leads solar revolution
China leads the solar revolution, Europe and US lags behind
In the world solar industry, that is, in the production, installation and maintenance of photovoltaic panels, nearly...
TAQA Group Unveils 2030 Strategy for Sustainable and Profitable Growth sq
TAQA unveils 2030 strategy for sustainable and profitable growth
Abu Dhabi National Energy Strategic Plan 2030 at its core the global energy transition...
Smart Transportation

City traffic, country traffic. Air, rail, road, and water transportation.


Smart traffic lights and their positive impacting on city traffic
Have you ever driven down a road late at night and noticed it was easy for you to get through
keyless car opening function is a total security disaster
Tests of keyless car opening show a total security disaster.
What has changed after three years from our first article about the keyless unlocking? Literally. Nothing.
Mitsubishi awarded 15-year contract to operate the Dubai’s driverless metro land sq
Mitsubishi awarded 15-year contract to operate the Dubai’s driverless metro
Among the new railway projects, Dubai plans the construction of Automated People...
german vw factories transform into electro cars production sq
Upgrade of VW’s factories into electro-cars production
After 2020, hundreds of thousands of electric cars will be manufactured in Volkswagen's German factories.
increasing ecology war between diesel and electic cars
Increasing ecology war between diesel or electric cars?
Electric cars are expanding mainly due to the eco-friendly operation, but the study says...
real-tim electric car test results by ADAC
Real-time electric car test results by ADAC
ADAC has shone on the current offer of electric cars. In their electric car test they counted...
Interesting Technology

Digital, physical, and mechanical inventions and prototypes.


why quantum physics sys that you can touch anything
Quantum physics says that you can’t actually touch anything
A real proof that physics is bizarre – explanation what physics says about the impossibility to touch anything surrounding you.
go ahead signal for the largets neutrino detector Hyper K sq
Go ahead for the world’s largest neutrino detector – Hyper-K
Neutrinos are detected using a specialized apparatus called, funnily-enough, neutrino detectors. These usually consist of a large tank of very
nature uvent that impact far future of the planet Earth sq
Nature events that may impact a far future of the planet
Based on current knowledge, scientists can figure out what will happen in the far future. We have prepared for you...
agricultire without soil and sun london underground farms
Agriculture without soil and sun. London’s underground farm.
To grow agricultural products, mostly sun and good soil are enough. London's Growing Underground Farm.
China investment plans in Hyperloop
There are millions of passenger cars driving through the streets of the largest cities in China.
Cities, Citizens and Politics

Tracks progress, decisions and alternative solutions.


david malpass world bank group covid letter economics sq
Letter 2021 by David Malpass, the president of World Bank.
Devastating health and economic crisis caused by COVID-19 appears to be emerging from one of its deepest recessions and beginning
world upside down heavy industry companies are demanding climate goals square
The world upside down: Heavy industries demand climate goals
More than 60 companies are urging the German government not to give up climate targets. Their words come in relation
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